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Hot!Human Growth Hormone

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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2009/08/23 22:56:27 (permalink)

I wouldn't even consider GH for gains tbh unless you are massive and currently already using sh1t loads of steroids.

ive read its not the best for cutting but helps..... so really this is for people who are (as above) on **** loads of gear,so is this like the icing on the cake for these.
ive been considering hgh but from what ive read it seems at its cost,no point unless as above or for the older guy.
Are the gains made whilst on gh and ass kept,following pct?as it builds new cells or is there not much in it?
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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2009/08/24 08:44:08 (permalink)
Any muscular gain is there for the keeping. 'HGH gains' are generally keepable in their entirety as there is no catabolic process to go through during a typical steroid pct and the restoration of the HPTA.

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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2009/09/16 21:57:52 (permalink)
Hi Guys,

I hear HGH has come a long way over the years.

I was wondering if anyone has a link to the different variations or brands available these days and also from which country they are developed in?

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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2009/10/21 12:42:24 (permalink)
I'm not a bodybuilder, but now more a non competing MMA guy, and I like to box and do Grappling Competitions now... But I'd like to enhance my physique. Is GH the path to go down at all?
If I listen to all the he said/she said rumours, the sides are low but the effects are great.
I have had previous cycles on Trenbolone and the results for what I wanted were brilliant, but I did see a massive increase in aggression which is not what I want.

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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2009/10/22 09:05:45 (permalink)
I’ve used GH for quite a while. I used it in a cutting cycle. It is definitely nothing for bulking up. Gains are slowly and of good quality. No water retention etc. I experienced some negligible sides like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and had also little sensation in my ring finger. These side effects are temporary and will disappear when you stop taking GH. I had mine from hygetropin dot cn. If I had the money I’d take it all the time! I used 4 to 8IU per day. 4IU is sufficient though. You also need to take it over a longer period of time, get 400IU and take 4IU per day.
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Re:Human Growth Hormone 2009/11/01 03:26:19 (permalink)
I have just finished a course of Cypro/Trenbolone and Winstrol ED along with T3. I am about to start PCT.

Would it be ok to take a 3 month course of 4iu HGH every day (I live in Thailand so can get the 4iu per amp kits) until I start my next course also can I start the HGH while I am doing PCT?

I do not want to mess about with insulin so would it be ok to just take the HGH on it's own?

I am currently 88KG and would like to get down to 80KG. Are there any other supplements that should be taken while on HGH and would it be ok to just take it in 1 shot PWO?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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Re:Human Growth Hormone 2009/12/10 23:20:30 (permalink)
Bit of advise please guys. Im going to run HGH and slin in the new year. Im currently doing a lot of research before i start it. Ive got a few ideas wonder if you can look at them and help me.

1) Is the standard 5 on 2 off 5 ius a day. Question would you split the dose im thinking 2.5 in the morning half hour before breakfast. Then 2.5 ius before bed. Or would you just do 5 ius in the morning.

The other ive been looking at is this. I wonder if many have used this or both and how do they compare.

2) 8-10 ius EOD split dose or single dose as above???

Then slin would be PWO starting at 3-5 ius with the proper carb amounts and protocal. As i said ive done a good bit of research and im still doing it.

Whats every ones thoughts on the best way to run HGH???

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Re:Human Growth Hormone 2009/12/17 00:20:01 (permalink)
What a great post...
Been off for a while so i was wondering...
Are GH and IGF-1 one drug?  I thought IGF was another name for GH.

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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2009/12/21 20:14:59 (permalink)
I have been on HGH from the 7th April.  I did my first 8 weeks on 4 ius every other day and then went onto 4 ius a day. I stopped this when I started to develop a bit of Carpal Tunnel.  I have had no other side effects at all.  For the last two months I have run it at 4 ius every other day. 
I have run it in conjuction with several courses of AAS, which I know I have not taken enough time off between courses, first course was 14 weeks, with 4 weeks off, then into a ten week course with only 5 weeks off and started another now.
How long would you say it is safe to stay on HGH and should I phase it out slowly.  Am going to finish this course of AAS - 600mg of EQ and 750mg of Sus a week for ten weeks and then have a good 3 to 4 months off.  With my other cycles I just ran the PCT and then kicked backed in again.  The only side I am having at the moment is anic attacks and anxiety that my heart is going to explode, no symptoms or signs of that but the panic attacks are identical to heart attacks but know they are not because I have had ECGs and they were ok just slightly raised resting levels.
I am 31 and weigh 17st 8.  Look forward to hearing from PArtyboy who seems to be the expert.
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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2010/01/06 16:34:05 (permalink)
Very useful info! Thanks to PartyBoy!
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Re:Human Growth Hormone 2010/01/22 09:51:03 (permalink)
Hey man i have a large surplus of GHRP-6 im about to start... How do you feel towards this stuff? thanks aRob
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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2010/01/22 09:55:14 (permalink)
Hey man ... new to this forum but have you looked into trying Ghrp-6 ... google it, its pretty cool. Better than hgh
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Re:Human Growth Hormone 2010/01/22 09:59:26 (permalink)
do a search, plenty of info about GHRP on here, many of us use it.

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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2010/01/22 10:00:13 (permalink)

Hey man ... new to this forum but have you looked into trying Ghrp-6 ... google it, its pretty cool. Better than hgh

in which way ? care to be more specific? that's quite a strong statement.

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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2010/01/31 22:47:35 (permalink)
If I was looking to loose fat currently on a clean diet and EPH would it be advisable to start injecting HGH to cut down my body fat? Also if I was able to cut down whilst injecting HGH when the cycle runs out would the results last long if I kept eating clean?
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Re:Human Growth Hormone 2010/02/24 19:08:45 (permalink)
I have used hgh of and on over this past few years and the last few 100 ius i got have been very painful to inject. The first few i felt absolute nothin but revcently once i start to press on the injection i get an extemem burnin sensation and it lasts up to 20 seconds after i pull pin out. I always get a red rash around the area for a few hours and somtimes a lump
Anyone experience this???
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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2010/02/24 22:23:16 (permalink)
I love it.

Been through 3 kits now and for me its perfect. Fat loss from areas i've found it hard to lose in all my life (lower back and stomach), a feeling of well being, and it seems to be amplifying any steroids i take, but in a good way - I have typical steroid water gain, but the hgh seems to be keeping the bloat at bay.

Its just very steadily, and predictably changing my whole body with only moderate effort. In my line of work, and given my lifestyle this is absolutely PERFECT.

Having said that, the cost is totally insane compared to other things you can take which, if your willing to live the lifestyle to a t, will get you there in a similar fashion. HGH seems to fill in the blanks in that respect. Im also getting some pretty annoying numbness in my arms when i sleep which is waking me up alot at the moment and causing me to lose sleep.

I've since switched to 4IU's every evening, to 4IU's every morning which has improved things a bit.

Its a worthwhile price to pay tho, financially and with the very few side effects. I'd run it all year round if i could ... and plan to!
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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2010/03/31 11:08:34 (permalink)
I've read tons of the HGH threads on here but just have a quick question.
I know you need to run the HGH as long as possible to see results, but if you did run it for say a month, are the gains there, just too small to notice. I.E. just 1/3 of a 3 month cycle, or is it like AAS where because it shuts you down its not worth running short cycles.
I'm keen to try HGH, but would like to test the water with 4iu for a month. If I'm happy jabbing everyday etc then I'll try it for the 3 months. I know its not ideal and I may not see any gains, but will they still be there? I'll be running it along side an anavar cycle.  
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Re: RE: Human Growth Hormone 2010/04/05 10:51:10 (permalink)
hi guys need some advice i'm undergoing acl reconstruction and am going to start taking hydropropin as i have been told it will speed up my recovory time has anyone got any thoughts? i have done alot of research and have done some gear before but just would like to know what other people think cheers.

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RE: Human Growth Hormone 2010/04/08 09:32:17 (permalink)
HI all!
I am looking into getting some HGH.. though I have a thing about needles, so im thinking more along the lines of Oral HGH!
Has anyone tried these or know of a good product!??
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