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New gym - induction advice/routine

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2009/06/30 16:10:48 (permalink)

New gym - induction advice/routine

I've recently moved to Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham and have joined a new gym called Body Blitz in Wylde Green.  It's a damn good gym to be fair, it's only been open for a few months but it's a proper gym and not a health club.  A fantastic selection of free weight equipment and resistance machines.  No contract only a rolling monthly membership.  Owned by a very large chap who looks like he may have competed at some point and other staff members are of the same vain.

Anyway I decided to take advantage of a free induction session.  Not something I'd normally do coz I feel I'm pretty well read up on different methods of training but I figured seeing as the advice would be coming from someone who is soon to be a competing strongman it would be more valuble than it coming from some skinny health club employee.

Well to begin with he has recommended that I do a two day split for a while. Upper and lower body in a kind of HITT fashion using the resistance machines and not the free weights.  Two warm up sets 20 reps then 12, then two working sets of 12 with the second working set being a continuous drop set through the stack.  It was real tough going, I did the warm up sets myself but as I dropped through the stack he assisted me to get a few more reps out each time.  The final drop set was always a set of 20 which was a killer being so fatigued.

Exercise selection was as follows:

Chest press
Cable flyes + press ups (super set)
Machine Row
Lat pull down
Shoulder press
Lat raise
Tricep extensions

Next session should be all legs but I have to pay £10 for that one.  I was considering just making my own leg routine up based on what info I got out of him and using the same rep scheme.  We'll see how tight I feel at the time.  He also wants me to bring in some music for the gym so maybe I could use that as a bit of leverage.

I totally enjoyed the work out and felt well pumped at the end.  It felt good to be doing something different to what I'd normally be doing.  He told me that after a 4 - 6 weeks of training like that I should split the body parts up into 5 days.  I could manage that given the job that I do but what do you guys think of the routine and advice generally?

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    Re:New gym - induction advice/routine 2009/06/30 16:17:33 (permalink)
    What are the goals and timescale that you gave your trainer?

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    Re:New gym - induction advice/routine 2009/06/30 16:22:51 (permalink)
    Goals are to bulk up but I didn't really give a time scale.  I just said I was after something a little different as I'd been banging out the same routines for a while now and needed a kick up the arse.  Previous routines were 2 weeks of full body training HST style followed by a 4 week split of Chest/biceps, shoulders legs, Back/triceps then a week off.

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