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Non-dairy products

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2011/08/21 18:38:08 (permalink)

Non-dairy products

Hi, hope you're all okay..
I've just decided to join Muscletalk
Right, I'm  newcomer to muscle & fitness so don't know as much as I'd like to just yet. I've always kept fit but, as you know, theres a huge difference between, let's say running a lifting heavy weights.. 
I have a slight problem which I'm hoping to put right ASAP, I've tried a few different brands of whey protein and have noticed the high levels of milk/dairy in them. I aren't lactose intolerant  or anything but dairy has a negative effect on my skin (It causes my skin to become very oily)
I'm just wondering if there are any products out there containing little or no dairy ingredients. Preferably available in the UK.

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    Re:Non-dairy products 2011/08/21 19:42:20 (permalink)
    Most wheys have really low lactose in them, if your looking at really low counts then go for an isolate, if this is still too high your looking at soy protein or savoury proteins such as pea protein, hemp proteins etc etc
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    Re:Non-dairy products 2011/08/21 20:45:17 (permalink)
    Egg would also fit into that category of non-dairy. Beef Protein is a relatively new choice as well, being a natural source of creatine it has dual benefits. 
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    Re:Non-dairy products 2011/08/22 08:41:34 (permalink)
    Egg, Soy, Hemp and Beef are all 'non dairy'.
    But 'I aren't....'??
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    Re:Non-dairy products 2011/08/22 09:19:03 (permalink)
    As said before Soy is a great one most are around 90% protein content in Soy powders so a lot of protein for the price.

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    Re:Non-dairy products 2011/08/22 13:14:54 (permalink)
    "I aren't"  sure but I'd go with Egg and Beef protein.
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    Re:Non-dairy products 2011/08/22 16:17:27 (permalink)
    Hmmm, if only MT was known as "grammerpolicetalk.co.uk", then pulling up a new member over a slip in his grammer may actually be an appropriate way to welcome them onboard.
    I'll go lightly on you both as you have otherwise tried to help out the OP with an on-subject answer, but do please bear this in mind.
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