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Re:I'M A SHOWPONY, BABY! 2014/11/25 15:56:46 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Brock Steel 2014/11/26 15:42:41
Brock Steel
When I was in my binge drinking peak, I tipped the scales at 22 stone... Now I know why. The over consumption of booze and junk was a calorific tsunami. 

22 stone ...that must have felt awful. How many times a day did you poo?

The frequency depended on the quantity of the previous nights kebab intake, but also the heat level of chilli sauce.
That being said, we used to have a different drink for every night of the week. Guinness Sundays and Caffreys Mondays were my favorites but also the most intense. Recovery Monday become a soothing mixture of Caffreys washed down with irish cream chasers. Fantastic! 

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Brock Steel
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Re:I'M A SHOWPONY, BABY! 2014/11/26 15:49:18 (permalink)
26th November 2014
Finally came crashing down. Had to happen sooner or later.
Squats Smolov Jnr, Week 4/3 (+5,+5,+2.5 kg); Day 4/4 (190kg 1RM Input)
  • Belted squats: 175kg x 3, 3..... abandoned.
Body said no, and the mind said no to (struggling a bit with motivation outside the gym, at the moment, and had some carry over today). Took a long while to get warm. Wrists and hips were tight as well as some muscles. Did a lot of reps around 140-160, got a bit better but set one was not pretty, and was as difficult as set ten was last week. Two was no worse but not better. Went straight for a sulking walk, about 8 miles, and it has killed me, and it shouldn't touch the sides. So I think I'll have a couple of weeks with some light weights and lots of mobility, spend a bit more time on bench and deads. Amazing how when it's rolling you feel unstoppable one of these sessions just knocks you for six. That's what makes the 'Vest's workouts even more impressive in my eyes, the Roger Federer of gym goers.

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Re:I'M A SHOWPONY, BABY! 2014/11/26 15:59:23 (permalink)
The trouble with heavy sessions is that there are no grey areas, you either can or you can't. Anything under 5 reps and there is no digging deep to grind them out or anything it's just black or white.
But like you said to me, there becomes an inevitability where it does stall eventually. I wouldn't stress a one of as there could be any number of reason but maybe if it happens back to back your body is saying something

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Re:I'M A SHOWPONY, BABY! 2014/11/26 16:50:10 (permalink)
Brock Steel
26th November 2014
Finally came crashing down. Had to happen sooner or later.

From the outside looking in ....you got through wayyyyyy more work on this than I could ever do.
It was starting to freak me out a bit.

Team "Show Pony"

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