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Tips for small waist

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2009/05/01 13:32:00 (permalink)

Tips for small waist

anyone got any good tips for keeping a small waist whilst adding mass and improving your V taper? Is it mainly genetics that detirmin this?
I heard a few people who do not desire to have a big waist cut out the deadlifts. would SLDL affect your waist size much?

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    Re:Tips for small waist 2009/05/01 14:05:34 (permalink)
    genetics... but cardio helps lol

    It's not what you can lift, it's what you LOOK like you can lift....
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    Re:Tips for small waist 2009/05/01 14:14:13 (permalink)
    Yes more genetics than anything, as long as your deads are not to your max can still be done if your worried about them can,t say they have done me much harm though!!!

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    Re:Tips for small waist 2009/05/01 16:47:47 (permalink)
    I deadlift heavy alot and havent noticed an increase in waist size. Most probably genetics.

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    Re:Tips for small waist 2009/05/01 16:52:54 (permalink)
    small dinners  
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    Re:Tips for small waist 2009/05/01 18:39:39 (permalink)
    I'm considering cutting out deadlifts due to my waist looking too thick. I'm cutting at the moment and I have what looks like love handles, but they feel solid, unlike fat.

    I've been reading around about this issue but most of what I've read seems to be that deads are the be all and end all of back development.

    It would be difficult, if only psychologically, for me to drop deadlifts, though.

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    Re:Tips for small waist 2009/05/01 20:27:38 (permalink)
    Do those deads!, actually I don't mind thickening my waist i couldn't give a damn about v shapes just being "hench init" lol

    Maybe change your deads to strength reps eg 3 x 3, 3 x 4 or 4 x 5?
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