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  • First Name: Steven
  • Last Name: Jackson
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  • Testosterone

    in Beginner10 Replies 3417 Views

    Hi I'm just wondering on average when the most testosterone is produced, does it have a large effect on how we train, and if it does is the responce to the production of testosterone effective instantly or some time after the production? I usually train 6pm+ and would like to learn more about it all..

  • Jacko's journal

    in Progress Journals4 Replies 1880 Views

    I started Franky NY's routine on monday, I'm logging it over the 12 weeks on paper so I may as well post updates here as well. I also love grip training so I'm adding a grip day to Franky's routine. I got back in to training a month or two ago, last week I started back on suppliments and my diet is ..

  • Advice on my routine

    I've started Franky NY's mass building routine, today was the push day 5x5 dumbell press, 5x5 shoulder press then 5x5 close grip barbell press. The shoulders felt hit more than ever before, chest went well with intense weight, the triceps went pretty well but i can't imagine being able to train t..

  • Can creatine cause lumps?

    in Bodybuilding Supplements4 Replies 3410 Views
    Last Update: 2004/06/16 00:17:31 Jacko

    I have a lump on my leg, it's hard & hurts to touch, it's about 3/4 of the way up my shin, just on the inside next to where your shin bone sticks out of your muscles a little. I started loading creatine yesterday, 2 x 5mg/day with glucose powder in water, same today. I've not bumped my leg at all to..

  • Quick advice on grip routine

    in Power & Strength2 Replies 1011 Views
    Last Update: 2003/10/31 21:19:26 Jacko

    I'm bored today, and as this is my first week back into training my muscles aren't recovering quickly at all, my quads are still hurting from a light leg day 3 days ago. So I decided I'll go and do some grip work :D A few exercises I had in mind... Static hold with a barbell. Pinching plates, 2..

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