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  • Sparky Quals

    in General3 Replies 309 Views

    Herro all Wanting to retrain as a domestic sparky but don't want to get ripped off :-( I have to do it around my current job but could commit to some week days etc If poss I'd want to do it as modular as possible - do enough to become allowed to enter someones house and wire stuff up etc Just no ide..

  • In a bit of a perdicament - driving

    in General14 Replies 848 Views

    Hi all I've been a bit of a tit.... Caught not wearing my glasses whilst according to my license I'm meant to. 10 years ago when I passed as a wee nipper I had good eyes when it came to things close but poor when it came to things in the distance so reading a number plate 20m away was just borderlin..

  • How much water do you drink a day?

    in General33 Replies 1810 Views

    I aim for 3L min a day from bottles At the minute I'm trying 9L a day so I get in the habit of drinking HHHHHHH222OOOOOOOOO I'm about 200lbs & can see the difference the water makes in my skin / nails / passings etc Just wondering how much you all drink and why (based on weight? climate? height?..

  • Any sparky sparks in da hoose? - downlights

    in General11 Replies 1082 Views

    yo yo yo got a detached pitched roof garage brick build with wooden roof with tiles on Getting good.... Its really basic, no internal insulation or plasterboard etc just 4 walls, 2 doors and a roof. I want to plasterboard the ceiling and put insulation in as I will be converting it to a guest room &..

  • Quiet exercise bike

    in General5 Replies 397 Views
    Last Update: 2013/04/07 10:22:55 lyel

    Hola all After a sub £300 exercise bike that is nice and quiet. Pref with some flashy lights etc The fan ones are excessively noisy but are the magnetic ones any better?..

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