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  • Cross fit

    in General1 Reply 435 Views

    Not sure if they has been posted Before, but made me chuckle;id=394897053880873..

  • Clen overdose

    in Other Performance Enhancing Drugs10 Replies 3984 Views

    Hi, The mrs started on liquid clen this morningand due to a misunderstanding she took 200mcg instead of 20mcg She has been in bits all day, just wondering if anyone has taken too much and how long the effects lasted for. cheers..

  • GHRP 6 Again

    in Other Performance Enhancing Drugs1 Reply 1700 Views

    This will be the first time using ghrp or any type of peptide ect Could do with some info regaurding the storage ect, have done a search and still alittle confused 1. Have got a vial with 5mg powder in it, going to add 3ml bac water to it once i have done this where is the best place to store the vi..

  • Apprentices

    in General0 Replies 1009 Views

    I am looking into taking on an apprentice in the near future and was wondering if anyone on here has an apprentice working for them. Just wondering how much hassle it is sorting out their contracts, working hours, college course ect, i am assuming that if i take someone on who is under 18 then there..

  • Epistane+ 1T Tren

    Looking for some advise for a gym buddy who is planning to run a 6 week cycle of these products. He has run superdrol before, i was able to give him alittle advice on that but i am not really upto date with the latest DS. I have read up on these, just not sure how well they would combine. Has anyone..

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