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  • Ganglion Cyst in the wrist

    in General7 Replies 243 Views

    Been to the docs recently however i've had wrist issues for about 18 months. Every now and then it'd get sore and swell a little but a week off the gym and then all back to normal for a month or so. I did see a doctor about it over a year ago however he said that it was because I'd broken my wrist h..


    in General6 Replies 264 Views

    I'm trying to set up a trading log chart however I'm useless with Excel functions. I'm trying to say the below If A1=Buy then D1=C1-B1 or if A1=Sell then D1=B1-C1 Is it possible to add in an automated color depending on whether the resulting number is positive or negative?..

  • Really need help from graphic design type people

    in General7 Replies 317 Views

    Got my gf's bday at the end of the month and I'm trying to make a coupon style book for her with a few bits in she wants and some fun stuff, shoes, dresses etc as there's no way I'd be trusted/capable of choosing something like this for her. I've been faffing around trying to do it in powerpoint and..

  • IT Help

    in General2 Replies 359 Views

    I'm having issues with hotspot shield and wndows8, was working fine but now when I turn it on I can't connect to web pages, any ideas?..

  • Low Libido Post PCT, worth reintroducing Nolva?

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids1 Reply 629 Views
    Last Update: 2014/06/03 10:41:25 Uriel

    Recently finished an 8 week Tran A and Prop cycle, ran PCT with Nolva for 3 weeks post cycle. Libido was fine for most of PCT but has crashed in the last week. Would it be worth running a low ish Nolva dose (20-23mg ed) for a while, using another med or just letting it naturally come back (libido/na..

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