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  • First Name: A
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  • Interests: kayaking and snowboarding!!
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  • HIIT vs SSCV what do you do and why?

    in Cardio & Fitness10 Replies 848 Views

    Im currently entered in the SUC and have started doing cardio. I know the calorie measures on the machine are inaccurate but they provide a guidance for how equivilent each session was. So a few recent workouts all burning 330 cals. Pure HIIT - 5 mins steady then 15 secs sprint 45 sec steady repeat ..

  • SUC it and see (Jan 2015) - Final PICS pg 8

    in Shape-Up Competitions148 Replies 4684 Views

    Well this is my first SUC and hopefully going to be a successful one. My first child is due in June so I plan on getting the leanest I have ever been by then. This SUC will provide motivation for the 1st 12 weeks. I have already had a week of dieting and lost 6lbs of watery crap. My weak points are ..

  • Embedding Vimeo on this forum - FAO James or whoever

    in General5 Replies 238 Views

    Any chance the coders could add this option? Other forums I am on that look similar to this added this option a while ago. Can't be much different from embedding youtube. IMO Vimeo is such a classier site for hosting videos than youtube...

  • Mortgage on a Temporary Contract?

    in General4 Replies 269 Views

    Just accepted an offer on my house. My current provider Halifax said no to providing a new mortgage and gave no reason!!!My partner has a permanent position but I only have a temporary until august 31st, I have been in this type of job for 8 years with the first 7 being in a permanent position. Obvi..

  • Real housewives of chesire ??!!?

    in General13 Replies 757 Views

    Saw this last night. Why do these women think it looks good to have your face frozen solid by botox and lips injected so they look like carp!!! From the left, 2nd, 3rd and 5th were the ..

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