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  • Mobile Website crashing

    in General9 Replies 200 Views
    Last Update: 2016/03/23 12:12:15 David

    For the last 2 weeks I'll manage to get 2 or 3 changes of page before the "loading circle" just keeps spinning and nothing happens. Very frustrating, I have to load the website again and hope I can get to where I want before it does it again...

  • Water and carb manipulation

    in Diet & Nutrition8 Replies 437 Views

    So I'm going to take pics Thursday and Friday and pick the best. From my brief research I thought about drinking loads of water until mid day Wednesday then reduce drastically. On the flip side drop carbs until Wednesday eve and then a sensible refeed. Can't be bothered playing with sodium (..

  • My SUC Jan 2016 - final pics added

    in Shape-Up Competitions61 Replies 4490 Views

    Age: 35 Height: 6ft 3 Weight: 16st 12 Chest (relaxed): 45 1/2 Chest (tensed): 49 1/2 Waist (relaxed): 40 Waist (tensed): 38 1/2 Hips: 42 1/14 Quads: 26 L 26 R Calves: 14 7/8 L 15 1/8 R Biceps: 16 7/8 L 17 R Forearms: 12 7/8 L 12 7/8 R Neck: 17 1/2 Goals: Drop body fat. https://c2.static..

  • HIIT vs SSCV what do you do and why?

    in Cardio, Conditioning & Fitness10 Replies 2057 Views

    Im currently entered in the SUC and have started doing cardio. I know the calorie measures on the machine are inaccurate but they provide a guidance for how equivilent each session was. So a few recent workouts all burning 330 cals. Pure HIIT - 5 mins steady then 15 secs sprint 45 sec steady repeat ..

  • SUC it and see (Jan 2015) - Final PICS pg 8

    in Shape-Up Competitions148 Replies 8769 Views

    Well this is my first SUC and hopefully going to be a successful one. My first child is due in June so I plan on getting the leanest I have ever been by then. This SUC will provide motivation for the 1st 12 weeks. I have already had a week of dieting and lost 6lbs of watery crap. My weak points are ..

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