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  • First Name: Ashley
  • Last Name: Banks
  • Birthday: 11/24/1989 (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Location: Hull
  • Interests: Gym, Football, MMA
  • Occupation: Project Manager

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  • Is it for you? Intermittent Fasting

    in Diet & Nutrition12 Replies 852 Views

    This has been something i have been contemplating for some time now. see link - It states within the article that he follows the routine; 5:45am: 10g BCAAs6:00am: Weight Training8:00am: 10g BCAAs..

  • Cutting Diet Plan

    in Diet & Nutrition17 Replies 1830 Views

    Guys Stats: Height 6ft 1 Weight 82kg 181lbs BF 12% I am wanting to lower my bodyfat to around 8%, how many lbs would i be looking to lose? 8-10lb?? here is how my diet is looking at the minute Meal 1 2 Multi Vits 4 Whole Boiled Eggs 60g Fruit & Nut Muesli Oats Meal 2 Tin Tuna Banana 15g P..

  • Upper / Lower Split

    Morning Guys I am looking to change my routine from a FBW to a Upper / Lower Split. I am looking for advise on sets & repetitions. For example; Lower A heavy 3x8, Lower B Lighter 3x12. Monday Upper A: Flat Bench, Row, dips, chins, curls Tuesday Lower A: Squats, SLDL, leg press, calf raises Thurs..

  • Push Pull Legs Routine

    Guys, I have been training a FBW for around 12 weeks now and i have really enjoyed it, good results also. I am 6ft 1 180lb. My aim is to just maintain muscle, lower BF until i am satisfied and then maintain lifting heavy. I would like to change to a PPL routine, and every so often have a week on FBW..

  • DOMS [Squats to Deads]

    Morning All, I am currently running a FBW in the format of ABA / BAB. Squats Bench Row Curls Deads OHP Pull ups Dips From my monday session on Squats, i am still feeling the DOMS significantly, therefore i wanted some advice on whether or not i should carry out Deadlifts tonight? or change for..

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