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  • buckwheat

    in Bodybuilding Supplements4 Replies 88 Views
    Last Update: 2014/04/23 12:01:50 indie

    Anyone know whetjer any of the bulk suppliers sell buckwheat powder. MP used to but they no longer seem to stock it. Always found it to be quite a versatile product, great for making pancakes. Can't seem to find any bulk sizes of it anymore...

  • Gonutritions points systems

    in General20 Replies 517 Views
    Last Update: 2014/02/21 18:53:18 indie

    Anyone else noticed something strange about go nutritions points scheme? went to get a couple of things in their current sale, after the discount code gets entered if you try to use any of your saved points it takes the value of the points off the amount that has been discounted and not the amount y..

  • Is anyone else sick of their job?

    in General10 Replies 548 Views
    Last Update: 2014/02/07 09:12:01 klein

    Absolutely sick of it, now constantly looking for a new job. Can't stand quite how sedentary my job is, I can definately feel my health decline for every hour I sit behind the desk. Done a few things in my time but came from working in education and now in management in local government, I reckon i'..

  • Anyone interpret Ecg tests results?

    in General5 Replies 370 Views
    Last Update: 2013/10/18 15:20:37 indie

    just had an Ecg and they said my pr interval was in the 270's, they were relunctant to describe what this could mean other than saying it was high and probably just normal for me. but considering where they said the normal range was, should I be worried?..

  • Question about fatloss for getting wafer thin skin, grainy muscles.

    in Weight Loss14 Replies 1221 Views

    This is a question for those at competitive level bodybuilding. I've recently seen one or two people (probably competitive level) with extremely low low, low, bodyfat, ie grainy muscles, veins on veins on the legs, striations on striations, veiny abs. Anatomy chart level bodyfat %. What makes the di..

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