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  • for the males of mt...

    in General71 Replies 2617 Views

    given all the talk of unemployment and such it got me thinking about a recent experience i had which prompts the questions: would you work in a female-oriented work environment? for the sake of this discussion let's assume that you're unemployed for starters! let's also assume you're unskilled - as ..

  • do you clean your ears?

    in General21 Replies 1103 Views
    Last Update: 2012/11/06 16:24:01 Shae

    went to clean mine earlier with a cotton bud and accidentally probed in too deep, it hurt a bit and i stopped. when i went to do it again there now and there was blood on the cotton bud. i freaked out as im a bit of a worrier, but figured as there was no pain and hearing is still fine theres nothing..

  • and people thought the 'big man' on the train was bad...

    in General65 Replies 3360 Views

    http://www.worldstarhipho...v=wshhTq85Q0SUro3x38mr im fairly confident i would die if i took a shot like that...

  • the death of literary culture

    in General17 Replies 776 Views

    has anyone else heard of the book released today called 'Eighty Days Yellow'? on the front cover it has a sticker saying 'if you like Fifty Shades you'll love...'. it's part of a trilogy of books, with the others being called 'eighty days blue' and 'eighty days red'. the review on amazon says: "Revi..

  • british legal system again...

    in General10 Replies 901 Views 6 years max for fracturing someones jaw, breaking their nose and blinding them by gouging their eyes. was actually thinking in bed last night about how bizarre blindness is and that if i lost my sight tomorrow id find it hard to want to keep liv..

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