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  • First Name: Jack
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  • Motorbike people - bike playing up

    in General17 Replies 489 Views

    I bought a Hornet 600 last month and I've been having trouble ever since. Around 1 in every 10 times I attempt to start the bike it doesn't work and I have to leave it and go back later. This is seemingly totally random. It's happened when it's cold, it's happen 10 mins after I started it previously..

  • Selling a phone I got through insurance..?

    in General5 Replies 352 Views
    Last Update: 2015/06/01 16:54:43 Celt

    My iphone 5 was stolen a few weeks ago which has finally been replaced with a brand new iphone 5s. I have been using an old iphone 4 whilst I waited. I'm due an upgrade in 3 months (to a 6) so I was just going to sell the iphone 5s as I've been offered £300 from a phone dealer. I was then going to c..

  • Big lifting milestone for me

    in General22 Replies 842 Views

    I've wanted a 160kg front squat since I did 140 for the first time last year. I've come close a few times but then something always gets in the way. Very close to double bodyweight now. Here's the session copied from my journal for those interested. F..

  • Phone and wallet stolen!

    in General21 Replies 785 Views

    Too busy chatting away to a mate to realise that I hadn't put my jeans in the fecking locker! Half way through my session and I I had a strange feeling that something is wrong so ran upstairs to the changing room. My phone and wallet have been taken from the jeans. Absolute nightmare. Anyway I'm cla..

  • Buying a new motorbike

    in General55 Replies 1343 Views

    Atm it's between the Hornet (2005 onwards black or blue) and the CBR (dark blue as shown below is the only colour scheme I really like on the earlier models). I also like the look of the Kawasaki ER6N. I've found two decent deals below. I know there are some riders on here so any input is appreciate..

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