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  • First Name: Jack
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  • The risks in not declaring self employed income?

    in General31 Replies 1147 Views
    Last Update: 2016/01/26 06:43:50 Desmo

    I know a lot of people who do this. What are the risks? Fines, loss of professional qualifications/registration, criminal record? What are the chances of being caught? Obviously doing an odd job for a mate's sister will be impossible to catch, but potentially if you advertise on social media or have..

  • Buying a second hand car

    in General18 Replies 612 Views
    Last Update: 2016/01/21 06:49:04 SeanR

    To the all knowing Muscletalk,   Think I'm going to get a BMW 1 series. Also like Audi A2. Prefer the look of the 2 door versions too and they're more practical for London.   What sort of mileage should I aim to buy at? Any years particularly better than others? Looking at around 5k I th..

  • Ski seasons

    in General10 Replies 286 Views

    Who's done a ski season? I'm looking at Canada for a number of reasons, the language barrier being one of them. Likely 2017/2018 so I can prepare properly. There are a few options, with the instructor courses looking the most attractive atm. I was planning to save around £8k for the 3 mon..

  • The real way to get hench

    in General15 Replies 592 Views

    Whole mass gainer tub in under 3 mins. Downing one shake makes me feel sick. This is mad. For those that don't know Matt Stonie. He's ranked 1 or 2 in the competitive eating world...

  • What to do with a lump sum from retirement

    in General15 Replies 580 Views

    My dad is retiring in a few months and has been given the option of a large lump sum or a lesser sum, but with greater monthly installments. He can live comfortably on the income he would receive if he was to take the large lump sum. My thinking was that taking the large lump sum would be the best o..

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