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  • First Name: Jack
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  • Birthday: 5/29/1990 (mm/dd/yyyy)
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  • Credit cards

    in General28 Replies 506 Views

    Since I was young my mum always told me to never get a credit card and so I have never really acknowledged them until now, so bear with me. I've got a year until I graduate with lots of time spare for a month and then once I graduate I plan to travel some more. Is there anything stopping m..

  • Your favourite marinades?

    in General13 Replies 456 Views

    Just ordering a load of meat which I am I goong marinade and freeze. I need a nice selection to keep things interesting. I'm sort of cutting so they'll need to be low'ish cals or rub/powder based. Post up your favourites...

  • Your policital coordinates

    in General22 Replies 679 Views

    This forum comes across as very right wing so it will be interesting to see how people score. Obviously you cannot quantify political views, but do you feel it represents your opinions accurately? http://www.celebritytypes...l-coordinates/test.php I scored 39% left, 52% liberal. I think that i..

  • Motorbike people - bike playing up

    in General17 Replies 517 Views

    I bought a Hornet 600 last month and I've been having trouble ever since. Around 1 in every 10 times I attempt to start the bike it doesn't work and I have to leave it and go back later. This is seemingly totally random. It's happened when it's cold, it's happen 10 mins after I started it previously..

  • Selling a phone I got through insurance..?

    in General5 Replies 359 Views
    Last Update: 2015/06/01 16:54:43 Celt

    My iphone 5 was stolen a few weeks ago which has finally been replaced with a brand new iphone 5s. I have been using an old iphone 4 whilst I waited. I'm due an upgrade in 3 months (to a 6) so I was just going to sell the iphone 5s as I've been offered £300 from a phone dealer. I was then going to c..

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