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  • First Name: S
  • Last Name: van sickle
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  • Parking stuff, FFS :-(

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    Last Update: 2014/03/12 16:03:56 Dr Z

    Ma's been in hospital for a couple weeks now, brain tumour. in the past when i've been running about and visiting etc she said to use her blue badge cos i was doing stuff for her. well, today a warden guy caught me and pointed out that the notes on the back say that i shouldn't be using it unless dr..

  • Damn, 70 year old BB

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  • Gym types

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  • Fixing Formic Edging

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    Got a unit in the kitchen, and the side strip of laminate stuff is peeling off - how do i glue it? i tried some 2-part epoxy but it didn't bite. the strip is about mebbes a centimetre wide and obviously being on the side i can't get a G-clamp on it. wickes has some contact cement stuff that's suppos..

  • Annoying Fingers

    in General3 Replies 295 Views

    does anyone else get those little spiky bits of skin sticking up alongside their fingernails? i seem to be getting wads of the fkrs lately and they're really p155ing me off. they catch on ba$tard *everything* and the one i had the other week was affecting my training because my grip was squashing th..

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