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  • First Name: Jamie
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  • Underactive Thyroid

    in General4 Replies 112 Views

    I'm just gonna post this here in general because I'm not sure where to else to post it so if any mods wan't to move it please do... Ok so I've got a few questions for anyone in the same boat or anyone else who knows anything about this topic. Friday gone I was at hospital getting some test results f..

  • Intermittent Fasting question.

    in Diet & Nutrition11 Replies 528 Views

    I've toyed with the idea of IF for ages now and even trying it out during the weeks when I work afters as I don't eat with the family at all for the whole day when I'm on afters. I can more than cope with the fasting as far as food is concerned, I find ignoring hunger quite easy once I switch my cu..

  • Hot flashes/flushing after pct

    Last Update: 2013/09/13 11:53:19 CoLFC

    Does anyone else get this after nolva Pct ? It started around week 3 of Pct and now 5 days out of Pct it seems to have worsened. The flushing is quite severe at times leaving my tshirt damp. Just out of nowhere I get these flushes that last anywhere from seconds right up to maybe 5 minutes. T..

  • I want to get into dead lifting on back days !

    in Training Correctly9 Replies 461 Views

    I need to get into squatting, here's my story I've been training on and off for years like many here and I've probably been at my most serious over the last 2 to 3 years.. I've always had a touchy lower back which is very easy to aggravate (or used to be ?) yet I've never been very certain what actu..

  • Viagra

    in Other Performance Enhancing Drugs12 Replies 694 Views
    Last Update: 2013/08/20 14:48:51 CoLFC

    I've just recently finished a ph cycle which has left me shut down which I'm not here to grumble about. I'm on my 4th day of nolva and daa Pct n the libido is pretty much none existent so last night I popped half a Viagra for a little bit of help. The thing is though all it did was give me hea..

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