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  • Speeding fines

    in General17 Replies 693 Views

    Hey, Got a letter through the door the other day saying I had been caught doing 39 in a 30 zone. I just sent the letter off accepting liability but have been reading through a few websites today .. It says on this site http://www.speedingfinesu...t_speeding_tickets.htm I did not receive ..

  • No Claims Bonus

    in General7 Replies 283 Views

    Im just wondering if anyone knows if this small piece of info i have been given is true. If you do not insure a car for 1 year you lose your no claims bonus's which you have built up over the years? Im currently working away and only back home for 1 week every 5 weeks or so and i use the mrs car whe..

  • Training legs twice a week

    in Bodybuilding Routines16 Replies 1345 Views

    Hey.. I've noticed recently that my legs are lagging in terms of growth so been thinking of ways to fix this issue .. One idea I've had was to do legs twice per week, this would be on w we'd and a sat or sun .. If I did train twice a week I was thinking of doing one day heavy and one day li..

  • Burgers

    in Bodybuilding Recipes8 Replies 1412 Views
    Last Update: 2013/03/07 13:22:44 dig

    Hey just looking for some nice ideas for burgers .. Using either lean mince beef or turkey Cooked on a George formby grill Cheers..

  • Tpw discount

    in Bodybuilding Supplements8 Replies 386 Views

    Hey read in a thread that tpw were setting up a discount today just wondered if anyone knew if it was active and what it was..

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