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  • New TV - should I wait or jump now

    in General14 Replies 230 Views
    Last Update: 2015/01/07 20:40:28 cu3ed

    It seems everyone is talking about new TVs at the moment. My LG 47" is about 5 yrs old now and it was a runout model then so I have been biding my time for the last couple of years waiting for the right time to upgrade. I hear good things about the Samsung 55HU 4k LED. but I would love to stretch to..

  • Biggest ever sporting shock?

    in General34 Replies 1322 Views

    In fact I cannot think of a bigger one, 7-1 was just unfathomable before the game wasn't it? Judged on athletic performance, Bob Beamon's jump was other worldly and a bigger shock statistic wise, but there was something about last night that caused the sporting worlds tectonic plates to shift a litt..

  • Watches and shoes

    in General16 Replies 701 Views

    A friend came out with the statement that he could tell everything he needed to know about someone just from the watch and shoes that they wear. Apart from being slightly offended as I neither wear an expensive watch or buy expensive shoes I was astonished that someone could be so vacuous in their o..

  • LinkedIn is it essential?

    in General8 Replies 586 Views

    I know there are a few IT professionals and guys who work for agencies on here so I am just trying to get some thoughts on the use of LinkedIn. I am toying with the idea of getting back in the workplace as 7 months of being a house husband is starting to grate just a little bit now; meeting friends ..

  • Weird training methods

    in General4 Replies 445 Views

    I have been weight training properly and visiting gyms for over 30 years now and in that time have come across and read about some pretty strange training methods. I have detailed a few below but I am sure I can think of others later. - One guy I used to know only ever shaved at the gym. He said it ..

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