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  • First Name: daniel
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  • Protein powder swaps/samples

    in Bodybuilding Supplements1 Reply 598 Views
    Last Update: 2011/09/01 23:53:15 Osagi

    I hope im not breaking any rules with this thread! - please delete if I am :) I have quite a few different proteins atm and am interested in trying new brands/flavours etc. I'm just wondering if anyone's got any powders that they would want to swap for some of mine? Currently I have: MyProtein Impa..

  • Legit ephedrine?? pics

    in Other Performance Enhancing Drugs7 Replies 2798 Views

    I got a 100 tablets that are supposed to be 30mg Eph, there small white plain tablets that are slightly rounded on both sides They are hard and dont crumble easily and they have a slightly sweet taste. My girlfriend took 1 tablet for the past 3 mornings along with some caffiene. When she took the ta..

  • What would you do in my position?

    in General5 Replies 669 Views

    A few months ago i was training 5 times a week felt like I may have been over-training. Then a load of stuff happened in my life which led me to be out of gym for about 2-3 months In this time I lost alot of the little muscle I had and also gained some fat due to messing up my diet! anyway on ..

  • Switching to HIT, Advice please!

    For the last 10~ weeks i have being doing a 5 day split, i know this is probably overtraining but i chose this as i wanted to compare extreme volume training with HIT training, so my initial plan was to do 10 weeks volume, 1 week break, 10 weeks HIT and compare my results. Keeping diet the same thro..

  • 1 month 5 days progress, What would you do in my position?

    in Diet & Nutrition1 Reply 528 Views
    Last Update: 2010/01/17 13:05:43 _GM_

    Well basically on the 12/12/2009 i decided to change my approach totally for a while to see how my gains would be I changed my diet to a stable 2600 ed, 200g p, 100g f and the rest carbs Im 20, 6'3 I changed my routine to a 5 day split ( I wanted to see the effect it would have on me, i am no..

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