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  • Brands of Whey in the UK

    in Bodybuilding Supplements9 Replies 807 Views

    Between us can we name them all, seems like a new company springing up virtually every few months. I'll start the A's and B's Activate Nutrition Affordable Supplements Bodybuilding Warehouse Bespoke Supplements Bulk Powders Boditronics..

  • Pound Pubs

    in General36 Replies 1468 Views

    Got to smile at the people slagging off the pound pubs springing up in the north for being irresponsible. Did anyone criticise Lidl and Aldi for offering fatty foods cheaper to obese people?..

  • UK Airstrikes

    in General72 Replies 3066 Views

    Imminent I think, I predict Cameron will announce that we have no choice. As I posted a few weeks ago, I think the increased threat announcement was to prepare us for the announcement. If there is strong public opposition to this, expect the news to announce that a terrorist cell has been intercept..

  • Tampering with Tubs

    in Bodybuilding Supplements10 Replies 775 Views
    Last Update: 2014/09/17 18:33:29 Vista

    I was told last week from a reliable source that a certain well known brand of whey protein is being sold in the Bristol area after it has been doctored with. This person who I have known for several years states that he knows one of the guys who has a contact in the factory, tubs are opened and som..

  • Increased Terrorist Threat

    in General56 Replies 2439 Views
    Last Update: 2014/09/05 08:05:05 TVL

    Raised today, is this being 'hyped' up to sweeten us up to the idea that British troops will return to Iraq to fight as a necessity?..

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