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  • What does "approved in principle" mean?

    in General2 Replies 219 Views
    Last Update: 2015/08/13 10:14:58 dazc

    Specifically in the context of credit rating for a loan application, if you are "approved in principle" does this mean your credit rating has been checked when they made that decision, or does it mean you are approved pending a satisfactory credit rating check? Any ideas? Cheers!..

  • What is the origin of your username?

    in General38 Replies 914 Views
    Last Update: 2015/08/04 09:11:35 Shae

    I remember a similar thread being done years ago, but there are lots of new people here now, and some unusual usernames, so I'm interested in finding this out! What does your username mean and why did you choose it? I'll start - mine is named after the Orson Welles movie, but has no si..

  • Am I a vampire?

    in General17 Replies 419 Views
    Last Update: 2015/06/15 21:02:24 iaink

    It occured to me yesterday that I don't particularly like when it's sunny. The sun was out yesterday in what I think was the hottest day of the year so far. It was pretty glorious to be fair, but while my brother (who I live with) was straight out the door with his shirt off all day catch..

  • Hurling

    in General1 Reply 726 Views
    Last Update: 2014/06/08 10:37:18 rufs

    Did anyone happen to catch this on Sky Sports today? There has been a lot of chat here in Ireland about the sport being shown on Sky this year. I've always been quite proud of the game because it's an ancient part of my heritage and it really is incredibly skillful, so it's interestin..

  • CK's Journal of CrossFit and Self-Loathing

    in Progress Journals247 Replies 9573 Views

    Hello all! I am back with a new journal - partly because I couldn't find my old one, but mainly to symbolise the beginning of a new chapter in my lifting life. I went to the gym today for the first time in about 10 months, the time before that being about a year ago, but my faithful readers of days ..

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