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  • First Name: Mike
  • Last Name: McGuckin
  • Birthday: 11/15/1977 (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Location: Belfast
  • Interests: Rugby, weightlifting, cinema, eating, drinking
  • Occupation: n/a

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  • Weird Feeling

    in General5 Replies 316 Views

    I'm sorta proud of myself. Pretty chuffed if am honest. I let myself go, lost my confidence and got into my worst shape in years. Switched gym to one run by a few serious boxers rather than the commercial posey one I was in, got over my fear of training with the big lads and got stuck in. So far, dr..

  • Good protein for weightloss focused diet

    in Bodybuilding Supplements12 Replies 378 Views

    Like the title says. At the minute i'm using PHD Diet whey after weights and the morning after if am sore. Is this ok or is there another brand that would be more effective for weight loss goals?..

  • What do you do to relax and recover after a heavy gym week?

    in General11 Replies 766 Views

    As above. I'm back seriously at the gym after losing my enthusiasm for it and getting used to going heavy and full on again, as well as a clean diet (mostly). I'm wrecked now though lol What do you all do to relax and recover on weekends/rest days? Don't wanna be spending too much time sitting aroun..

  • Alien: Isolation

    in General3 Replies 235 Views
    Last Update: 2014/10/04 23:27:00 cu3ed

    Reviews for this are pretty positive. I have it preordered, so will get it on tues when it comes out, then play it after my gym session, in the dark, with the surround sound on to get full effect. Hopefully someone's finally done a decent Alien game...

  • How to respond to a libelous bad review

    in General4 Replies 207 Views This is brilliant. The Hudson has some of the most sound, easygoing door staff in Belfast, btw...

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