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  • First Name: Dave
  • Last Name: Huscroft
  • Birthday: 9/14 (mm/dd)
  • Location: Windsor
  • Interests: Bodybuilding, Boxing, Sports & Nutrition
  • Occupation: Echo Supplements

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  • L tyrosine

    in Bodybuilding Supplements11 Replies 1996 Views
    Last Update: 2012/05/31 00:35:12 Osagi

    Just a quick query for those that use this Pre workout, what do you find an effective dose? I recently tried a Pre wo using it and really liked it, thinking of trying it on its own (without a big old caffeine shot lol) and wondering how much to get, 2g looks like a common amount but looking for real..

  • Best Food Lookup Site?

    in Diet & Nutrition5 Replies 529 Views

    Hi, just wondering which site everyone uses to get the nutritional info for their food? I generally use's calorie count but wondering if there are any better ones out there now?..

  • Halogen Oven / Slow Cookers..

    in General15 Replies 3625 Views

    Does anyone have any experience with halogen ovens? I'm looking for something to cook up meat at work as cold chicken breast and microwaved food is a bit boring! Also looking at slow cookers but obviously they cook slow so may take too long? Any other suggestions welcome if there is another portable..

  • Anyone do crossfit?

    in Cardio, Conditioning & Fitness10 Replies 3938 Views

    As the title really, the programme looks interesting as a bit of a change, only problem is the nearest one to me I think is in reading - anyone tried these classes, rate them? Know of a one nearer slough lol?..

  • Clean and Press

    I've recently started attempting the clean and press and was wondering if anyone has a good video demo of how to do this properly - I've watched a few but some start with the bar at waist height, some on the floor. Then I'm not 100% sure where the power to 'flip' the bar should come from and how muc..

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