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  • Test prop + NPP cycle again.

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids2 Replies 819 Views

    Hi My last cycle i did was a test prop + npp cycle for around 14weeks... i dosed it around 100mg eod for both and go nice results which is why i want to run it again. However this time round Im really wanted to get the most out of the npp. Would it be acceptable to have npp higher than the test dose..

  • medisave disaster

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids16 Replies 1379 Views

    I was recently running low on needles and swabs so decided to order from medisave as last time my purchase came in a plain brown box. However this time it had the exact contents branded on the outside of the box. And to make matters worse my mum signed for it as Ive been at work. I'm furious! This h..

  • No sex drive in pct

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids15 Replies 3805 Views

    I've recently just finished my 16week cycle of test prop and npp (dropped npp at week 13), I've had great gains but i know i shouldnt of stayed on for that long And I'm now nearly two weeks into my PCT. which is just nolva dosed at 60mg day1-4 40mg 2 weeks 20mg 2 weeks I tried clomid last time but i..

  • Have i got gyno?

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids4 Replies 940 Views

    Hi, Around 2 years ago I ran my first injectable cycle which was test e and SD. I didn’t get sore or itchy nipples, although afterwards I noticed that I had puffier nipples than usual but I just put this down to the water weight I gained throughout the cycle. Since then I have just carried on traini..

  • Cutting diet critique

    in Diet & Nutrition1 Reply 595 Views

    Hey guys, im new to cutting so any advice welcome. Meal 1 Shake (50g whey, 100g oats, 500ml semi skimmed milk, EV olive oil) Bananna Meal 2 8 egg whites 3 full eggs Snack Handful of almonds (30g) Meal 3 200g chicken 100g brocolli Snack Handful of almonds (30g) Meal 4 (PWO) Shake (50g whey 500ml wate..

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