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  • First Name: Adam
  • Last Name: Kent
  • Birthday: 10/24/1988 (mm/dd/yyyy)
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  • Chinese Take away

    in General26 Replies 558 Views

    Hi, I really fancy a Chinese tonight with a film but want to try something different to the usual chow mein dish.. Just wondering what you guys go for? Thanks a lot, Ad...

  • What safety boots do you wear?

    in General4 Replies 124 Views
    Last Update: 2014/09/12 07:50:41 DC

    What safety boots do you wear? I'm currently wearing these Ambler Boots which I've heard were really comfy but I'm not too sure to be fair as I come home and my feet are in bits after 10 hours in them.. Anyone got any recommendations? Thanks..

  • Loan Advice

    in General4 Replies 198 Views

    Hi hope everyones well, I need some advice regarding taking on a loan to pay off my overdraft. Basically i'm £2600 into my £3000 overdraft (Crazy i know, havent a clue how i got so deep into itwas from a year or so ago when i just lost the plot) At the minute i already get charged £46 a month for ov..

  • Order picking at Eddie Stobarts advice.

    in General12 Replies 614 Views
    Last Update: 2014/08/24 21:21:11 Desmo

    Hi all,Finally have some positive news for once..I managed to get myself down to an interview with QS recruitmentrecruitment on Friday and need to be at Eddie Stobarts at 10am tomorrow for an induction and health and safety.The job is order picking and did mention that I needed some order picking ex..

  • Bad Lip Synching

    in General3 Replies 116 Views

    Why do music companies, also adverts etc. have a big deal with getting lip synching right? Why cant artists actually sing the song on the music video and then they edit the singing out and sync the recorded track or something? You can always blatantly tell they are miming? Thanks Ad...

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