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  • Brexit media fearmongering , In/Out

    in General370 Replies 7040 Views

    just a new thread to keep tabs on the media to see if they are giving the debate a fair appraisal and giving voters a fair crack at the pros and cons checked the news today to see only fear headlines

  • Sleep paralysis help

    in General29 Replies 550 Views
    Last Update: 2016/03/24 19:07:42 doc

    I seem to be getting this more and more latley maybe once or twice a week and its doing my head in , experiencing things like being wide awake in bed not being abe to move , being able to move my fingers but not my arms , sometimes i can move my feet , sometimes i get up out of bed pacing around thi..

  • IOS apple

    in General6 Replies 343 Views

    Ok so I've bought a mac book pro and I am severely impressed with it , I am normally an Android guy but have owned Iphones in the past , my note 3 contract is up soon and looking for a new phone, still would be looking at droid phones , but when people say they go for Apple phones because they have ..

  • decent gaming laptop

    in General22 Replies 964 Views

    got my eye on 15 are there any better value for money or these good enough for the cash , budget is around £1300..

  • Ebay phone purchase help

    in General18 Replies 577 Views
    Last Update: 2015/07/12 22:53:17 Lay

    Right ive never really had any problems with Ebay so haven't had any expereince when things go pear shaped , hopefully someone can offer me some advice and help me out So i Pay £500 for an BNIB Iphone6 unlocked recieve phone and find its locked , inform her and shes very helpfull finds an unlocking ..

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