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  • First Name: Callum
  • Last Name: McArdle
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  • PCT Training

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids1 Reply 161 Views

    Thought this would get more attention here than in routines... How do you handle training in PCT, from week one right up untill months 2/3? After a fairly standard cycle, and on a standard nolva PCT I'm thinking of 3 days weights and 2 days SSCV per week .. but worried even that might be a bit much?..

  • What's wrong with my shoulder - can I 'fix' it myself?

    in Training Correctly5 Replies 206 Views

    This has been going on for about 5 months now, but enough's enough. Basically my left shoulder hurts on any pressing exercises! To be more specific it feels like the lateral deltoid that's causing the issue. Any direct shoulder work is virtually impossible to do properly, I can manage flat bench bu..

  • I'd like to brag a little..

    in General15 Replies 424 Views

    No video sadly, but today I pulled a 200k deadlift at 90k bodyweight and I'm well chuffed. I'm 10 days into PCT after a 5 month cut. I've deadlifted twice in the last 5 months, both below 100k. I had to tell someone and no-one on my facebook would understand let alone give a sh!t..

  • Carb timing

    in Diet & Nutrition10 Replies 229 Views

    Curious to get peoples opinions on this. Assuming I eat 6 meals a day, and plan to have two as carbs. Both around 80-100g carbs. I train between meals 4 & 5. So meal 5 is carbs. When do you have the other carb meal assuming it can be any? I'm sure I recall someone saying once, perhaps Dazc that ..

  • Protein that doesn't require refridgeration?

    in Bodybuilding Recipes7 Replies 256 Views

    Hi all, I'm going away for 2 nights next week, and am wanting to try and keep my intake relatively decent - I start PCT on the first day! Obviously I'll have quite a few shakes with me but aside from that is there anything else I can bring? Will be pretty hectic when I'm there so won't have time to ..

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