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  • First Name: n/a
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  • Birthday: 9/29/1976 (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Location: san andreas
  • Interests: Loud guitar music, xbox, weight lifting, moutain b
  • Occupation: cycle mechanic/physics student

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  • Out of the gym for a bit...

    in General6 Replies 330 Views Hand surgery to remove a lump, dupuytren's disease but ended up with a hole in my hand as my skin teared. Got half a cast and been spl..

  • Tren ab cramps while hydrated

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids13 Replies 448 Views
    Last Update: 2016/03/10 00:47:45 Medic

    Whats the deal with this? Potassium and magnesium the cure? If so how much as all ready eat 1-2 bananas a day. I was in that much pain earlier I had to get a m8 to put my bike boots on to leave work. I must admit I have week abs and can get cramps anyway if I train them directly (so dont) But after ..

  • Biker and car issues

    in General15 Replies 375 Views

    Yesterday I rode my bike 10 mins from work to home and had to beep cars/people 4-5 times. Pushing me out of lane even though there was room to filter(no contact), pulling out on me knowing I enough space to brake and not cause and accident but still a pull, had a chavvy looking girl just walk out in..

  • This is why I like to do homebew

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids22 Replies 833 Views

    I dont make this myself or sell it...

  • Egg whites instead of whey

    in Diet & Nutrition11 Replies 759 Views
    Last Update: 2016/02/29 11:27:51 pauld

    Anyone use egg whites and cereal in a good blender for breakfast or post gym shake?? Been really liking this and feel the egg whites are better than whey (less processed) Been using Any recipe ideas for breakfast shakes..

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