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  • Is a calorie really a calorie??

    in Diet & Nutrition2 Replies 129 Views

    I used to think hormones and the way the body handles things made a calorie not a calorie. Then some people on here called me stupid and you cant break physics etc and it dont matter what you eat its the energy involved. I was persuaded. I'm starting to change my mind with experimentation and listen..

  • Tendon pain

    in General3 Replies 387 Views

    I just thought it would be nice to let people know about my experiences with cissus quadrangularis. I've had tendon probs for years in my arms. I totally screwed a bicep tendon a while ago and gave up on weight lifting. (like a year and a half) Been back a bit and decided to do a test cycle. Nearly ..

  • Blast and cruise

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids1 Reply 189 Views

    I'm thinking about blasting and cruising as getting older and its when you crash with pct time your health markers go down.What are peoples experience with this and cruise dose for health. Going to use medi check for bloods, so what blood to get?? Thanks for any input and I'm sure other people will ..

  • What to do for quickest results

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids33 Replies 925 Views

    What would you do? I'm 19%bf and my current goal was to lean bulk for 15 weeks on a test cycle, then once normal (after pct) go on a cal restricted diet (no gear) till Im 12-14% for a few months, then go back on a lean bulk cycle. I'm at week 7 I've gained 7 pounds and lost a tiny bit round my waist..

  • Out of date letro

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids5 Replies 288 Views

    I've got some pharma letro out of date about 10 months ago blister packed. Still ok to use??..

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