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  • Black Coffee and Raw Eggs

    in Diet & Nutrition12 Replies 2575 Views

    I noticed a lot of the diets on here involve strong black coffee's. Could anybody please enlighten me as to why this is? and also, i eat a lot of eggs, but have never considered eating them raw. Some reading i did suggested they are far more nutritional when eaten raw and whole, could anybody tell ..

  • First try at deadlifts

    Hi there, last friday, i tried deadlifts for the first time, got a trainer at the gym to show me how to do them properly so i wouldn't pull anything etc, and did sets and weight according to my routine. saturday and sunday, my back is absolutely killing, like serious DOMs or something but im not s..

  • Getting fitter

    in Cardio, Conditioning & Fitness3 Replies 749 Views

    Hey there I play football for a team, which plays every saturday and trains every wednesday, and i also play for a 5 a side team which plays every monday, i am 20, and although im avergage, in terms of fitness, there are guys twice my age on my team, who do nothing all week, but are heaps fitter ..

  • Hi there

    in Welcome – Introduce yourself!6 Replies 560 Views

    Hey new to the forum, so just a quick introduction! 20, from Manchester, but living in New Zealand now. Been going to the gym for about two years now, but it's never really been structured or consistent, and have recently started a proper regime to suit me (with the help of MT)! :)..

  • Press up warm-ups

    Hi there, I have for the past year or so, warmed up prior to workouts, by doing about 20-40 press ups before moving onto actual weights. Would this actually warm my muscles up enough, or should i try more targetted warm ups such as 20 reps of an empty bar on chest days etc? i don't know if there ..

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