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  • The Protein Works Genesis Pre Workout

    in Supplement Reviews9 Replies 406 Views

    I received a good sample of this that ive been using over the last few days. The sample im reviewing is Raspberry Lemonade. Reading the literature on this it does look very impressive with over 20 active ingredients ill get onto the ingredients later, so down to business. Taste and Mixability ..

  • Comfortable Gym socks.

    in General4 Replies 99 Views

    Really im talking about the trainer liner type socks but as winter is coming others types also. Id like to know if anyone has some they recommend. Its not as simple as it sounds , I bought some by champion ages ago they are perfect they are not to tight when I run and best of all they don't slip dow..

  • Low dose test cruise gone a bit dodgy.

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids10 Replies 328 Views
    Last Update: 2014/08/22 07:33:37 TVL

    Ive been running a low dose Sust 350 1ml a week course for 22 weeks , first 2 bottles were fine but now on the 3rd week of the 3rd bottle and seem to have shut down completely as if id stopped running the third, I cant see that its fake as I bought them from the same place at the same time.Is this s..

  • Go Nutrition, why no love for the Porridge?

    in Bodybuilding Supplements19 Replies 438 Views

    I love this stuff so I went to buy some in the snack sale and no offer grrr if pancakes are a snack then so is porridge why are you prejudiced against porridge? :) and I notice a new flavour sweet banana i feel like trying and its only in the smaller size. What on earth is going on at GN headquarter..

  • Just had my first Quest bar.

    in Bodybuilding Supplements114 Replies 3919 Views
    Last Update: 2014/08/16 15:08:38 Oldy

    Just a bit of fun thread as its a bit slow lately but I thought id post about this as there is so much talk about these bars. I have heard all the hype about these bars and the massive queues at Bodypower to get one and thanks to Echo Supplements ive now tried one.I put a Order in with Echo which ca..

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