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    in Testosterone & Other Steroids12 Replies 2272 Views

    I am running test prop at 350 mg/day and have just dropped npp and am going to use tren and mast as was the plan for last 6weeks of this cycle anyway.What doses of tren and mast have you guys run in the past,i used tren ace at 100mg eod last cycle and got no sides so was thinking of 150 tren and 150..

  • Melower cycle.

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids10 Replies 827 Views

    Hi lads i posted my proposed next cycle a while back and after all your feedback have decided to lower things a bit.Now i will run test prop 300mg eod and npp 100mg eod dropped the test base,ghrp6 and t3 and might run eq at 750 mg for appetite what do you all think? I dont want to use it if not nesc..

  • GHRP6 kick in times

    in Other Performance Enhancing Drugs6 Replies 3952 Views

    As above realy, i got some ghrp6 and could only get 2ml of bac water in the vial so am doing 0.1ml slin pin shots.Did 1 last evening and 1 this morning but got no hunger pangs or any thing, so how long does it normaly take to start working...


    in Testosterone & Other Steroids14 Replies 956 Views

    I amgoing to be starting a cycle next week of test prop and npp and am thinking of running bold as well to keep appitite up.Tren has lowered my appitite before and as i have never done npp i dont know if it will do the same and as i am bulking this will not be good.So i was thinking of bold at 500/7..

  • Winie injectable and oral

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids10 Replies 797 Views

    I am going to use winie at the end of a bulking cycle providing i am still quite lean and will go for 4weeks injecting 50mg/day in the morning but have read somewhere that oral with it is best,so will adding 25mg oral winie at night be better? Thanks all...

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