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  • First Name: Luke
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  • Powerlifting Log

    in Progress Journals4 Replies 430 Views

    Maxes at the moment 170/125/200 (KG) Also looking for a possible partner i train at DW in Cambridge Currently starting a new cycle of Madcows 5x5 Week 1 Session 3 Squat Barx10 40x8 60x5 80x5 100x5 120x5 145x3 100x10 Bench Barx10 40x5 60x5 70x5 80x5 92.5x5 105x3 80x12 ..

  • Is this true??

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids3 Replies 333 Views

    I'm inexperienced when it comes to PED's, been reading around and just wandering if this holds true, I train with a powerlifting focus but yet to compete, the stronger you get natty means you will get more from using gear when you eventually do, i don't know if i have worded it right but i remember ..

  • First Cycle Need Help!!!

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids1 Reply 387 Views

    Hi thinking about starting my first cycle been doing a lot of reading about gear lately. I'm 190lb's and 6ft. Looking to gain mass. I think i might be prone to gyno already because iv already got the bastard. Was thinking of doing 500mg Test cypionate P/W, and running nolvadex throughout and as PCT...

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