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  • BulkPowder LEW safe?

    in Bodybuilding Supplements19 Replies 711 Views

    Hi I usually get all my whey etc from bulkpowders. In November I bought some LEW, but have been away, I was going to try it out this weekend, but I've seen on here that there were health scares with MyProtein Liquid Egg Whites last year. Were these health/food poisoning cases just in October kind of..

  • looking for a decent Gym bag

    in General5 Replies 414 Views
    Last Update: 2012/11/05 15:21:38 mirin

    Hi, Does anybody recommend a good gym bag. Im just looking for some kind of small duffel bag, but with nice compartments (for food / shake etc). Ideally inside the main compartment as well as on the ends. So far i'm looking at the Nike Ultimatum, which just has end zips. Thanks!..

  • Protein shakers - Smartshake vs Shake Pro 40/60/double

    in Diet & Nutrition9 Replies 3096 Views

    Hi, I have a bog standard shaker but was looking to get one that I can keep my postworkout protein in unmixed (as i go straight to gym from work). I have my eye on the Pro Shake 40, Pro Shake 60, Pro shake double chamber (pre/post) and the Smartshake (Jay Cutler). Does anyone recomend any of these, ..

  • newby!

    in Welcome – Introduce yourself!4 Replies 494 Views
    Last Update: 2012/04/08 14:27:21 James

    Hi, Im Adam, Ive just started to try and get fit not looking to be a muscle man, but definitely could do with toning up! I'm naturally slim, I can tone easily, but I need to bulk up a bit too. I have AF of my heart sometimes, so need to make sure i never over do it.. I actually logged on ..

  • dumbbells

    in General8 Replies 717 Views

    Hi, I want to buy some equipment (not too expensive) for my bedroom, for those days where I cannot get to the gym. Can anyone recomend me some dumbbells? (i never realised how expensive they are!), the one thing i hate about dumbells i've had before, is how the rings swiveled around the bar as I lif..

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