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  • Test E not as harsh acne??

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids5 Replies 608 Views
    Last Update: 2014/05/01 19:59:22 rufs

    My first and last cycle was test and tren. I got really bad acne during the end of the cycle and pct. I had bad acne as a kid so suppose I am prone to it. I've read that test E by itself is not acne prone. Can anyone confirm this ? Is it more likely I had bad ass acne off the tren ?..

  • What class?

    Thinking of competing for the 1st time. I've been looking at shows and classes and I'm wondering what the difference is between Say 80kg and under and intermediate 80kg and under ? Is it experience ?..

  • Contest cut ?

    in Diet & Nutrition1 Reply 509 Views
    Last Update: 2013/06/11 20:08:27 James

    Currently 91 kg at about 14% body fat. Thinking about entering an under 80kg intermediate contest on 15th September. Is this enough time to cut down ? What sort of MACROS should i be looking at if i go ahead with it ?..

  • Test E - 200mg per 1ml ?

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids15 Replies 1362 Views
    Last Update: 2013/05/19 18:41:07 thoon

    6 weeks into my cycle and i have been running Tren Ace and Test prop at 2ml each a week. Ive swapped from Tren ace to Super Tren 2000 which I believe is aimed at been a pre workout. My plan was to pin 1/2 ml Tren 2000 along with 1ml of Test E per day one hour before training every day. However ive ..

  • Tren night sweats

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids6 Replies 1159 Views

    Week 6 of my 2nd cycle which is 2ml tren ace and 2ml test prop per week. I have been doing 1ml of each every 3 days. My night sweats are crazy at the minute. I'm going to start pinnin 0.5ml of each every day as I'm changing from trenbolone acetate to super tren 2000. Does anyone know if the tren 200..

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