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  • BD 50mg Anavar

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids8 Replies 780 Views
    Last Update: 2013/09/15 20:55:01 thoon

    Hello fellas,Just wanted your thoughts on BD 50mg var as its all I can get at the moment.Ive had there 10mg tabs a while back and they where GTG I've heard mixed reviews so would like to know what you think ,have you tried them or know anybody that has and with what results? Cheers...

  • T3 Abdi ibrahim old stock???

    in Weight Loss4 Replies 1270 Views

    Hi all i received some T3 today and there exp date is 0514 and the box is brown blue and white they look ligit but ive never seen this box before only the all white with yellow and brown stripe. was jusr wondering if these are just old stock as the ones i have purchasewd in the past the exp is 0817?..


    in Testosterone & Other Steroids19 Replies 1418 Views

    Hello chaps, After a bit of advice. I have done test cycles orals and t3 on there own but never done a stack like this,just wanted your thoughts and advice to is this a good stack for a lean bulk,would you up or lower the doses,would you drop anything out or in to the mix and would mast prop be wor..

  • test p,mast p and var cycle.

    in Testosterone & Other Steroids6 Replies 524 Views

    Hello chaps, For my next cycle I was thinking about test prop 1.5mg EOD,mast prop 100mg EOD and var 100mg ED for 10wks. My aim is to loose body fat whilst hardening up and to keep existing mass. Diet is bang on and this will be my 4th cycle previous cycles are ,var 80mg ED for 8wks,test prop 100mg..

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