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  • last set ran out of steam?

    in Beginner7 Replies 1058 Views
    Last Update: 2013/10/08 12:05:04 afj

    Hi, at the moment I'm training one body part per night and I am hoping somebody can answer a question, last night was chest started with bench press. Warm up 20kg + the bar and did 12 reps nice and easy, next working set 60kg. Did 10 reps to failure. Next set 80kg did a solid 5 reps to failure then ..

  • Guess my bodyfat

    in Progress Journals0 Replies 339 Views
    Last Update: 2013/05/16 21:05:23 afj

    would anyone care to guess my bodyfat this was taken last year before I started to eat right and train hard

  • Doms after squats and dead lifts

    Hi, I did my first session of squats and dead lifts in the gym on Sunday morning, the doms started Sunday night, was worse this morning and is killing now after I done a 1hr box fit class, should I just push through or do I need to rest completely, I'm 73kg 5,7 tall Squat. 60kg 10reps 80kg 8reps 6..

  • How short can a cut or bulk cycle be?

    in Beginner3 Replies 1427 Views
    Last Update: 2013/05/10 17:55:42 afj

    Now please tell me if this is worth doing or not. Just say I do a heavy weight session on a Friday night then eat big on Friday night through to Monday am, like a bulking weekend but then I do cardio during the week on a calorie deficit. So 2-3 day bulk with a 4-5 day cut ? If I'm completely wrong t..

  • Body fat questions

    in Weight Loss3 Replies 667 Views
    Last Update: 2013/05/02 21:11:51 afj

    Hey everyone. Ive been training for around 4 months now, a mix of weights , boxing and incline walking @12-15% 5 kph. Height is 5-7. And starting weight was 13 stone. I'm now at 11stone 7. My body fat scales said 28% when I started and now say 23% but using some skin fold calipers and the Jackson ..

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