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  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Interests: bodybuilding, my dragbike, jap cars, skiing
  • Occupation: engineer by trade, but run a building company

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  • offer codes...

    in MuscleFood1 Reply 674 Views

    why is it not possible to use more than one code at a time? id like to make an order but the prices of some things are way over priced without the 'offer codes' (flat iron steak for example), so if I have to pay over the odds for several items I need, then it actually works out more expensive buying..

  • improving your handwriting as an adult?

    in General24 Replies 877 Views

    can it be done? and how?? Ive always been a little ashamed of how messy my writing is, and im getting more conscious of the fact as I get earlier, but no matter how hard I try, I cant make it neater! Its not illegible, but professionally, id like it to be better. always thought it was one of those t..

  • a bit of justice the right way round....

    in General16 Replies 842 Views
    Last Update: 2013/08/11 11:06:23 dazc

    old man kicks burglars arse, and the burglar then goes on to get sentenced. Nice to see that sometimes things happen the right way round! good on the old guy!

  • PPI reclaim, taxable????

    in General10 Replies 657 Views
    Last Update: 2013/07/05 01:22:44 tac

    what the actual fcuk. after fighting with my bank for a few months im due a ppi reclaim of a pretty big chunk of money. apparently its taxable?? how the bloody hell can i be taxed on money that i already paid tax on when i earnt it? that means ive paid income tax on the same money twice. Does anyone..

  • chewy chicken.

    in General9 Replies 1046 Views

    normally buy chicken from morrisons (yes i know its cheaper online...) but had to get it from sainsburys a couple of days ago, along with some beef. the beef is fine, but no matter how i cook the chicken it comes out mega rubbery and chewy, its disgusting! Its packaged as grade A british, the same a..

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