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  • First Name: James
  • Last Name: Byrne
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  • First SD cycle

    Evening all, I'm currently planning my first SD cycle as a winter bulk and wanted to hear people's opinions on a few things; Firstly, as it's my first SD cycle what should my dose be, I've read through a lot of logs on here and a few bits on AA and JWsupps. Am I best going for a 10/20/20 a..

  • Epi & tanked

    Afternoon everyone, I have a bottle of epi that I'm planning on running soon however I have 7 days worth of 'tanked' left over from a previous cycle. Would I benefit from adding this in at any point during my cycle? Or is not enough to make a difference? Thought it may just give me a boost along ..

  • Help with deadlifts

    in Training Correctly9 Replies 527 Views

    I started doing deadlifts for the first time today and have a few questions about them? I was expecting my legs/glutes to be really sore after my workout and for the rest of the day but the only soreness I'm feeling is the top of my back. Will I wake up tomorrow and not be able to move? Is thi..

  • Toasted sandwiches?

    in Diet & Nutrition7 Replies 549 Views

    Thoughts on these as a bulking snack? Randomly got a toastie machine for Christmas and haven't used it yet, you know the one you put the sarnie in then close the lid down then a few minutes later you've got a warm pocket of goodness? Was thinking of cooking a few in the morning then taking them to w..

  • Tanked PCT

    Last Update: 2013/01/18 19:26:58 Capo

    Hi there, Need help deciding what the best pct is going to be when I run my cycle of tanked. Just ordered some nolva and was wondering what's the best thing to run with it? Would I be best off running DAA alongside it for the 4 week post cycle? Any advice greatly appreciated, Cheers...

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