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  • Brian May sums up the problem with Russell Brand...

    in General76 Replies 2006 Views
    Last Update: 2015/05/12 14:26:13 Dr Z

    Brilliant Brian. During a Q&A at the launch of Russell's Documentary - BM: I have a campaign called Common Decency which is about trying to change the system radically from within. I’m proposing that we form a strategy on May 7th and I think my strategy is so good that I’m even going to persuade..

  • Buddhism

    in General1 Reply 145 Views

    As religion goes, Buddhism has always seemed very attractive to me, in that it seems affirm my feelings about a lot of things. No one is asking me to believe any far fetched stories, There doesn't appear to be any form of threatening or blackmailing the 'follower' into anything other than common sen..

  • Another Trainer thread!

    in General8 Replies 201 Views

    Is it just coincidence that I've seen a fair few pairs around, or have Hi Tec become cool again? When I was at school (about 1980 to about 85/86?) they were ubercool and everyone had them or wanted them. Then almost overnight they became THE least cool things you could possibly put on your feet! Its..

  • Ending a question with the word "or"

    in General23 Replies 518 Views

    Is this a 'thing' now? I've seen it a couple of times now, have I just seen a couple of lone wolf retards or? (^^^ That was an example)..

  • Kiss goodbye to Cardio!

    in General6 Replies 324 Views

    Dieting and Cardio are sooooo last year, This is how you burn calories now!

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