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  • Rockin1000 - Learn to fly

    in General1 Reply 130 Views

    Can you imagine what this sounded and felt like in the flesh? Awesome.

  • Android users - Google opinion rewards

    in General1 Reply 120 Views

    Just a little heads up, You install this app, then fill in a bit of personal info, nothing heavy (you could probably get away with false details if you are paranoid). Then you wait to be approved. Once approved, you receive surveys as notifications - by surveys , I mean 3-4 multiple choice question...

  • "Be like"

    in General41 Replies 941 Views

    Does this piss anyone else of as much as it does me? It really brings out the grammar nazi in me when people post this stuff on twitter or facebook - He be like..... My Girl like.... bitches be like .... Why on earth do people pay homage to what is essentially illiteracy?..

  • Just when you thought Telco CS couldn't get any worse...

    in General8 Replies 347 Views

    Has anyone else used EE customer service recently? I recently had the need to talk to someone in a far away land about my mobile bill, so I rang the free CS number from the handset, only to be told that the were busy (yeah, you always are, nothing new) .... I was then appalled to be told "but, for 5..

  • Interesting kickstarter - Max Bench!

    in General21 Replies 610 Views

    I think this is a pretty good idea, considering the amount of people that manage to get themselves into trouble! Great if you train alone, or don't enjoy using spotters.

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