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  • Breast is best!

    in General8 Replies 335 Views

    You're all at it apparently! Any MT'ers buy theirs by the ounce on ebay?..

  • Bring Back Borstal

    in General6 Replies 287 Views

    Anyone else watching this dross? I had great hopes that we'd see some Chavs actually having some respect beaten into them. Wishful thinking I suppose.... instead we are just seeing it confirmed that they can do as they please. I saw more discipline at Sunday school!..

  • Ebay/Paypal question

    in General4 Replies 279 Views
    Last Update: 2014/12/23 22:31:05 Uriel

    I think I know the answer to this, but in case I've got it wrong here goes anyway - If I buy an item, is it possible to pay with a Credit Card that is NOT registered on my Paypal account? Pain in the neck this eBay lark!..

  • placebo effect example

    in General20 Replies 718 Views

    At the gym we sell pre-workouts by the scoop, currently on the shelf we had DY NOx Pump, noxplode,nutrex hemo rage & NRG Fuel no2 max, but we generally try to vary them as much as possible so customers get to try everything. Anyway, the other day two lads (seasoned stimulant abusers) asked for t..

  • +1 for James's 3 minute calf routine!

    in General4 Replies 357 Views
    Last Update: 2014/08/11 12:55:55 James Although this sounded good, I'd never done before, mainly because what I already did for calves was already similar, plus I was never really that pushed for time. However I just followed it to the letter and it took me to new levels of calf pain..

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