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USN; Pure Protein IGF-1

Clubber Lang
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2010/07/22 13:40:22 (permalink)

USN; Pure Protein IGF-1

USN; Pure Protein IGF-1 (based on Cappuccino flavour)
Believe it or not this is my first USN product ever! Even tho ive seen USN on/in near enough every supplement website and shop ive never actually come around to buying one of their products, so i thought it was about time i did.
I came across USN's IGF-1 while i was looking for a good quality protein blend and possibly something to replace my usual ProPeptide or Midnight Express for a pre-bed protein shake. Ive heard people mentioning this product in the past but only asking if anyone else had tried it, so its a fairly forgotten about or over looked product.
The more i read about USN's IGF-1 on their product description and nutritional profile the more i realised i could have stumbled onto a cracking protein blend, if the flavouring could match upto the nutritional profile. Each serving (56g) of USN Pure Protein IGF-1 delivers 40grams of protein from five different sources, isolate, concentrate Calcium caseinate, soy and egg albumen with only 2.2grams of carbs aswell as including vitamins and minerals plus 17grams of BCAAs! Overall a great profile.
Taste. I bought USN's IGF-1 in Cappuccino as i love the taste of coffee, but, when you first open the tub you cant smell the flavouring, just smells like flaour, tho as soon as you mix the protein powder with water or milk then its a different store. You get a rich, but not too strong, Cappuccion flavour that i could personally drink all day.
Mixibility. No problem what so ever. May froth alittle to start with due to the whey isolate but soon settles down leaving a smooth liquid. 
Overall im very impressed with this product and if i can break away from using BBW Whey id definately try USNs Whey.
Taste          9/10 
Mixability     9/10
Texture        9/10
Overall          9/10

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    Re:USN; Pure Protein IGF-1 2010/07/22 13:43:57 (permalink)
    Good product without a doubt!
    dave sunderland
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    Re:USN; Pure Protein IGF-1 2010/07/22 13:57:46 (permalink)
    used sci-mx grs 5 believe there isn't much between them flavours are also gooood just don't come in big enough tubs lol like the sound of Cappuccino flavour
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    Re:USN; Pure Protein IGF-1 2010/07/26 13:22:11 (permalink)
    yeh have used both this and the sci mx GRS and they are both great products. flavouring is great in both and both have great profiles..

    im kind of leaning towards using a proper full blend like this from now on for my PWO shake as there has been a lot of stuff recently giving the benefits of alternative protein sources PWO.. including milk etc..

    may have to get a tub of this again when i run out of my current batch of protein
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