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2 weeks in, a few questions

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2006/07/11 11:58:03 (permalink)

2 weeks in, a few questions

Hi guys,

I've been working out with my routine now for a few weeks, and have a few questions.

1) Back

On Mondays I work my Pull movements (bicep and back), and although my Biceps feel shot to bits, my back rarely feels anything. The next morning however, I do feel a slight soreness, but nothing much. Should I be feeling the back as much as I feel the pain (a good pain ) on my biceps?

2) Bent Over Rows

I'm struggling with barbell rows, and was wandering if I could swap them for either dumbbell bent over rows or seated cable rows. Will these be just as effective as the bent over barbell rows?

3) Motivation

I think one of the biggest problems I have is motivation. What do u guys do to keep motivated? I can only go to the gym after work, and sometimes its a real issue to get myself in the right frame of mind to push my workout to the max.

4) Arm progression

I have noticed that my right arm progresses faster than my left? Is it normal for one arm to be bigger than the other?

Any advice / answers will be greatly appreciated.




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    RE: 2 weeks in, a few questions 2006/07/11 15:26:26 (permalink)
    Re 3, training with a partner can help, as you will push each other to get the most out of every work out. Other than that, you have to be able to motivate yourself. Give yourself achieveable short term targets, e.g. if your form wasn't tight the last time you were in the gym, focus on having perfect form in every rep. Another shortish term goal is to add 5% onto what you are lifting, so (for example) if you're benching 70kg, aim to get to 75kg in the next 2-3weeks (still using good form). In the longer term, taking photos every 6 months can give you an idea of how you are improving and gives you a deadline/target to be looking the best you ever have for the next set of photos. Remember why you are in the gym - you are in there to improve your body to the best of your ability. If you don't give 100% every session, then you've sold yourself short. Take some enjoyment in the fact that you are working hard to look (and feel) better than the average person on the street.

    Re 4, it is very common (if not universal) for one arm/leg to be a bit bigger than the other. So, if you are right handed, then your right arm is more likely to be the bigger of the two. As you progress, this will even itself out. In the meantime, try doing things with your weaker arm that you would normally do with the stronger, e.g. carry your shopping with it, open doors with it, scratch yourself with it, etc etc

    Hope this is helpful.
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