2015 Lifestyle Changes

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2014/12/20 20:08:21 (permalink)

2015 Lifestyle Changes

In other words, New Year Resolutions.
What are you going to do differently in your life next year? Are you planning on any specific alterations from how things went in 2014 or are you happy with how things are at present? You don’t have to make a list like I’ve done, but you can discuss your plans if you wish. Personally I never usually make resolutions, but next year I am going to make a few changes as follows:
I have spent a few hours today drawing up my routines for the next six months, something which I have been very haphazard about in the past. I will be following a set programme each  month. My workouts are all in place on my PC and a brief outline can be seen in my journal.
At 50 I’m not at the end of my training by a long way and I will be working very hard to increase strength, stamina and overall performance next year.
My wife has just retired and I want to make sure she is happy. We get on fine but I am encouraging her to keep active and she has already expressed an interest in joining the gym.
I will spend more time with my grandkids and make sure my mother is looked after in the care home where she has serious dementia.
I enjoy my job in the most part and the people I work with but I’m sick of working nights after nine years on a permanent night shift. If I can get a similar job on days at the right price I will go for it. Night work is seriously f***ing me up both physically and emotionally.
My wife has spent her pension lump sum on clearing our mortgage and equity release debt. She is working part-time still as and when but we are looking are clearing a horrendous loan very soon so that we can start to catch up on some of life’s pleasures once again.
Personal happiness:
I will be more focused next year. In my training, my outlook and in my attitude to life in general and I will strive to banish all negative thoughts which appear often in the way I operate.
I’ll leave it there for now to give you guys a chance
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    Re: 2015 Lifestyle Changes 2014/12/20 20:53:41 (permalink)
    Just try to be happy, life is short , very short.

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    Re: 2015 Lifestyle Changes 2014/12/20 21:07:54 (permalink)
    Ill have to think about mine but the OPs are great and good luck to you mate.

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    Re: 2015 Lifestyle Changes 2014/12/21 00:32:17 (permalink)
    Try to quit smoking as its far easier when im off work.

    Id like to be able to get lean by March and stay lean.


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    Re: 2015 Lifestyle Changes 2014/12/21 08:17:47 (permalink)
    As dementia said, just be happy really. On a lower monthly income at the moment so been worrying about money, which'll continue till September. Then I'll have to find a job. Been looking at this in a negative way, and therefore in the wrong way - it's an opportunity as I'll be better qualified and be able to command more money (fingers crossed). So guess my 2015 is all about preparing for 2016
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    Re: 2015 Lifestyle Changes 2014/12/21 09:58:26 (permalink)
    Live. Do what I enjoy.

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    Re: 2015 Lifestyle Changes 2014/12/21 12:17:56 (permalink)
    Work on my home business more and come off the rock and roll.

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    Re: 2015 Lifestyle Changes 2014/12/21 21:49:26 (permalink)
    Lots to consider here for me. I write a diary so give stuff like this some real thought come the new year. I'll come back and add to this if the thread is still kicking about.
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    Re: 2015 Lifestyle Changes 2017/09/08 03:00:22 (permalink)
    Hi I'm new and I have a serious question. I need to lose weight badly. A few years ago I twisted my pelvis and now have degenerated lower discs so training and exercise is out of the question. The weight I've gained since this has put a lot of strain on my body. I eat relatively healthy diet but because I can hardly move I have a sluggish metabolism. So how do I lose weight when I can't exercise? I want to try DNP again as a last resort because although it was slow going and I mean slow, so far it's the only thing that's worked. If anyone has info on dnp or ideas what I can do can you please message me. Thank you
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    See above, this was duplicate.
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