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22 stone and Want to do Weights!

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2007/06/14 12:56:27 (permalink)

22 stone and Want to do Weights!


I used to do weights when i was 18 for about 12 months and did pack on some muscle. I am now 29 and 22 stone , very stocky but at least 7 stone of fat on me. My questions are :

1: Is it best to lose most of my weight and then do weights?

2: Or is it better to do weight training whilst eating healthy as it will give me the same result?

3: All diets are saying eat 1500 calories a day. Now i am 22 stone and to keep myself at that (which i have being doing for 12 months) i am supposed to be eating 3900 calories a day. Wont this sudden drop in calorie intake just make my body go into starvation mode therefore not making me lose weight?

4: What is an advisable calorie intake for my size? , i am 5ft 8" and do very litle exercise

5: Finally , will runing , and lots of swimming undo my hard work in the gym to build muscle? Been told that somewhere



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    RE: 22 stone and Want to do Weights! 2007/06/14 13:12:25 (permalink)
    1500 cals a day will be too low for someone of your size, 1500 cals would be more suited to a 10stone woman wishing to lose weight.

    construct a healthy diet, include cardio as much as poss, ie 5-7 45min sessions a week.

    Doing weights will help preserve muscle and you may well add some muscle too.

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    RE: 22 stone and Want to do Weights! 2007/06/14 13:13:09 (permalink)
    just my opinion
    1 - training with weights will increase your muscle mass, this increased muscle mass will allow you to burn more calories due to your metabolic rate increases, therefore complementing your overall goal of lossing weight.

    2 - X

    3 - An average male needs 2500 calories a day to maintain a steady weight, to loose weight you are required to eat below your levels of 3900, however by drastically cutting your calorie intake from 3900 to 1500 would be hard for you to achieve. I would advise steadily dropping this level as a sudden decrease will mean it will be hard for you to be able to sustain a decent amount of muscle mass

    4 - its best to ask this question in the diest and nutrition section as there are a variety of different variables that need to be taken into consideration before a good estimate can be made

    5 - running, swimming etc... will not hinder you goals of building muscle if completed in a complementary way with your weight training, e.g on seperate days. Also for someone your size i would not suggest running as your main source of cardio i can speak from experirence it will not do your knees and jionts any good and could give you shin splints. Instead i would advise something that is lower impact such as swimming or cycling.

    hope this helps
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    RE: 22 stone and Want to do Weights! 2007/06/14 13:25:29 (permalink)
    welcome to the forum mate
    heres a link that will answer most of your questions and will give all the calculations you need to get going again its a long read but very informative.
    don't worry if you think your alone i'm like yourself i come down to 18 1/2 stone from over 23

    the best piece of advice i can give is the 5-6 small meals a day or every 3 hours rule i guarantee that if stuck to you will not feel hungry.

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    RE: 22 stone and Want to do Weights! 2007/06/14 17:46:34 (permalink)
    Dont really have much advice to offer but just wanted to say all the best buddy. I can imagine its going to be a harsh ride for you over the next year or so but stick with it and you WILL get to where you wana be Really admire people like yourself!

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    RE: 22 stone and Want to do Weights! 2007/06/14 19:44:23 (permalink)
    i wouldnt do running at that weight, your knees will get hammered
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