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5 mile run

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2006/07/11 22:51:08 (permalink)

5 mile run

What kind of routine, would you adivse for a beginner wishing to run 5 miles in 30-35mins?

I tried my 1st run tonight and diddnt do to well (45mins 19 secs)

I'm trying to develope 'complete' fitness i.e strenght training, running and flexability drills, any adivce on a complete routine for this?


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    RE: 5 mile run 2006/07/11 23:41:25 (permalink)
    Keep doing the run regularly after a few weeks your time will start improving as you get fitter and fitter. When i started running regularly i was feeling extremely tired and couldn't continue after only about 1 mile. My fitness levels have imrpoved dramatically now and I probably have the best fitness levels in my football team. What I do is I just keep running until I feel exhausted. The best method is hard work in my opinion if you want to get results fast.
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    RE: 5 mile run 2006/07/12 09:29:33 (permalink)
    Be very careful - running to exhaustion eveyday can lead to injury.Trust me, I used to be a distance runner. To start with you should build your fitness starting with about 10 mins 3-4 times per week, up this each week aiming to be running for 30-35 mins in about 5 weeks. After that you can improve on you basic speed by throwing some interval sessions - mixing bursts of fast pace running with slower recovery periods. This really works to build fitness and speed endurance and is a method used by runners of all abilities.

    I know some people can just jump and and run 5 miles several times a week, but you really must build up carefully - I have had many painful injuries by doing too much too soon - and I thought I was building up carefully!
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    RE: 5 mile run 2006/07/12 15:33:58 (permalink)
    Hi Devil,
    Glad you are setting yourself targets but be carefull not to set them too high to dissapoint yourself, I run a 5 mile route two/three times a week and have just ran my pb of just over 36 mins, this was pushing it quite a bit.
    Depends on a great many factors of course and there is really no reason you cant acheive this goal one day but it wont happen soon, if you are currently doing 9 minute miles then you need to to be taking off two minutes per mile to make a 35 minute run and three minutes per mile to make a 30 minute run, this will take time to acheive.
    Good luck mate, go for small increases and work up.
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    RE: 5 mile run 2006/07/18 18:37:16 (permalink)
    I completely agree with Gingernut, you're better off throwing in some speed intervals (on a track is ideal - 400s) and also I'd throw in some hill workouts too - run uphill or on an inclined treadmill in intervals. Both these will improve your speed and stamina. I'd only advise you to actually run slightly longer than 5 miles at a slower pace once per week.
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    RE: 5 mile run 2006/07/19 14:33:08 (permalink)
    hiya devil,

    i recently took up running and speaking out of experience it is counterproductive trying to do too much (i hurt my knee running to many days a week) I recommend runing 3-4 days per week but also do some other sort of cardio to incease fitness levels (something that doesnt have high impact on the joints would be ideal).

    Good luck!
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