5 Minute Forearm Workout

By James Collier

My quick but productive body part workouts have become renowned world wide; the most famous of which is my Three Minute Calf Workout.

man with big muscular forearms

Forearms are a frequently neglected body part, and, if trained at all, are often merely an afterthought when we’ve trained hard, had enough and just want to go home. But here’s a way to blast them in just five short minutes! Typically we’d train forearms after biceps, but they go equally as well after a back or trap workout, so they’re warmed-up already.

First Exercise – Reverse Wrist Curls

Grab a barbell in both hands behind your body so it’s resting against your behind then simply curls the wrists fully and squeeze at the top, then let the weight roll down your hands to the finger tips (as far as you can go without dropping it) and repeat. Do 10-12 reps using enough weight to go to failure. Do 4 sets with just 30 seconds rest between sets. If you have performed each rep slowly, you should have a good pump now.

Second Exercise – Standing Reverse Barbell Curls

If you’ve not done these before, they are quite simple: they’re the same as normal barbell curls, but you grab the bar with your palms over the bar, rather then under it. Do 4 sets with the maximum amount of weight you can comfortably do 10 reps with.

That’s it. You’ve worked all the major forearm muscles and they should be pumped, and all in less than five minutes!

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