A new start

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2005/07/27 01:52:39 (permalink)

A new start

Two years ago, I started training pretty heavily and got an account here. After achieving a few pretty good gym lifts and almost competing in a powerlifting meet, my back started to feel sick, uni debuted and I lost interest in my training so I stopped completly.

Fast foward to now. I have taken up training again and, surprise surprise, I'm not as strong or as big as I used to be. Another thing sucks: I'm not sure that my routine is good (remember, it's been a while, and my goals are not the same).

So, is this thing decent if
a) I want mass
b) I want strength, in that order (not that if I gain mass and not strength I won't be pissed)
c) Overall, I want a strong foundation in order to be able to train for strength again in the near future

Day 1
Chin ups 5x5
Lat pulldowns 3x8
DB rows 3x5
Barbell curl 3x5
Light ab work

Day 2
Dips 5x5 (Or DB presses, not sure about wich one to choose)
Overhead DB presses 5x5
Decline DB Presses 3x5
Tri work (pushdowns) - if needed 3x8 (or some more dips)
Light ab work

Day 3
Squat 5x5
Deadlifts* - up to a single
Zercher Squats 3x5
Back raises (45 degree) 3x5
Side bends 5x5
Weighted sit-ups 3x10

Please to note that these days aren't back to back, they are scattered throughout the week, to accomodate for fatigue (I have a very strenuous job) and gym hours.

* This isn't with back because it usually takes me a whole week in order to be able to use my legs/abs after leg day. Also, I'm used to having it there. The no singles is because my form goes to **** if I do deads for reps.
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