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Advice on changing my planned Cycle up. Longer, different dosage, different compounds

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2018/12/05 23:01:33 (permalink)

Advice on changing my planned Cycle up. Longer, different dosage, different compounds

Alright guys. Im struggling a bit lately. I Started a 900mg/week Test E only cycle back in October. I planned on doing 10 weeks, maybe stretching to 15 weeks if I had good results.
I have not had the results I wanted, mainly due to poor training (had lots of extra work on so havent got the gym as much as I would of liked) took nearly 3 weeks out due to an injury, and my diet has not been as sharp as I planned.
Now, I know my workload is dropping off from now, giving me a lot more free time to hit the gym. With the more time on my hands I will be able to prep my meals also, and I am now injury free. 
My question is this. Although I started on 900 mg/week test only cycle, I am now thinking of extending the time on gear to say 26 weeks all in all. But I am thinking of changing from Test E only, dropping the Test E down to 600 mg/week, and adding in Equipoise and Mast E. Im hoping to bulk, but clean bulk. Iv never used equipoise before, I usually use tren in my cycles, but I have gone away from tren due to sky high cholesterol and I hate the unfit feeling from Tren, where even the smallest form of cardio has my lungs on fire. I always throw in Mast E in my cycles to aid with the Estrogen sides, and I like the feeling of Mast E. Also 500iu HCG per week.
If I was to go for this would there be any negatives? Obviously I would need a much bigger break from gear after the cycle, and a much more aggressive PCT. 
Basically Im near the end of my planned cycle, and although I have gained weight (about 2 stone) I know a lot of this is water, I feel it has been quite a waste. I know its my own fault, I dont want a load of abuse for this just want some advice on what I have asked and if there would be any pros or cons to my idea of carrying on for the extra time and throwing in the other compounds.
cheers in advanced guys. 

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    Re: Advice on changing my planned Cycle up. Longer, different dosage, different compounds 2018/12/06 05:06:04 (permalink)
    Personally i'd come off do my PCT, regroup and plan another bulking cycle when it's more convenient and you're better organised, adding EQ and Mast will if anything just cover the 300mg of Test you're dropping imho.
    PS, EQ and Oxy's are two of the best steroids for raising your red blood cell count so watch your BP if you run the EQ 👍

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