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Advice please

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2007/06/14 17:08:40 (permalink)

Advice please

Firstly just to say hello as i'm new

Wern't sure where to put this as it covers a few things, so thought i'd just make one thread here.

I'v read up a bit on things but just wanted some decent advice from you lot. It seems everyones trying to achieve slightly different things so not everything you read is relevant to you.

I'v just started working out at my uni gym but am going to buy some equipment for home, i'll come onto that in a minute.

I'm 6ft and about 13st 6 / 82kg. I wanna tone / bulk up, mainly upper body, arms, pecs and abs. Dont wanna look like a body builder tho lol, just nicely toned

What i'm like at the moment, jst to give you an idea..

I eat fairly healthily but know i'm gunna need more protein, its just theres so many different protein suplements etc and they all claim to be the best lol. I know about eating plenty of white meat, fish and steak but what protein or meal replacement would you use. I'v been told maximuscle? Also is it good to keep eating at least 5 portions of fruit / veg a day?

Also re: creatine and glutamine

Some pople have said take both, others have said just glutamine as creatine just draws water to the muscles. Someone else said creatine will mean you can do a few extra reps etc. Are there any proten suplemts / meal replacement shakes that include a good balance of both ?

also what is the optimum amount of protein per day ? 200g ? i think theres a calculation you can do ?

Also I'm planning on getting some equipment for home. I'm not realy interested in weight lifting type stuff, because i dont wana get massive, just toned / defined.

Probably gunna get this:

seems to have everything i need ?

Any help much apreciated


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    RE: Advice please 2007/06/14 17:22:45 (permalink)
    welcome to the forum

    When you start off, TBH, all you need is a good whey protein powder (not even 100% necessary though). Maximuscle are good, but very expensive. If you want a nice tasting, good quality whey powder, go with 'reflex instant whey'. I would personally recommend an unflavoured whey like the one sold on here: they also sell flavoured whey as well (for more money of course)

    creatine works on most people. There are plenty of forms around nowadays. CEE (creatine ethyl ester) is popular, so is standard creatine monohydrate taken with sugars. Both can be bought from here:

    IMO glutamine is FAR from essential. Save the money

    Yes 5 portions of fruit and veg is about the 'standard'

    The figure to aim at is roughly 1g per lb of bodyweight. So in your case, about 180g a day
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    RE: Advice please 2007/06/14 17:52:34 (permalink)
    kool thanks mate

    anyone who knows about training and equipment, does that multi gym look ok ?
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    RE: Advice please 2007/06/14 18:04:44 (permalink)
    Hi, I think you need to sort out your routine first and then see if the multi gym is realy what you need. Personaly I would just go with a bench and free weights but if you have access to a gym do you need either?
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    RE: Advice please 2007/06/14 18:16:17 (permalink)
    It would be adequate enough for what sounds like a modest goal that you are after, should be enough weight on the Bench Press section and Pulldown sections if all your after is "toning" and a little size.

    I know you said your primarly after Upper Body development, but legs will be slightly neglected on that, hope your not one of the "I play 5 a sides, my legs are fine as they are" alot of people forget legs as they already think their legs are ok as they are, but they rarely are.

    Me personally i would rather invest the £300 in a gym membership, as you will have far more choice, and there are less distractions at a gym than at home, but that just my opinion, as i have far too many creature comforts to distract me :P

    Some may advise that you need to do free weigh bench and squat and deadlift, but if you can concentrate at home, and your not wanting to pack on much size that will be fine.
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