Advice/Words of wisdom, doom etc. on Clen/ECA?

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2004/01/18 04:22:09 (permalink)

Advice/Words of wisdom, doom etc. on Clen/ECA?

I haven't posted here a lot but I read a lot, here and all over the net. I have been researching Clen and T3 and have decided that I just don't want to go there with the T3. I'm an RN by profession and I don't feel like risking hypothyroidism in the future... [^]

After weeks of research I am now posting just to get any opinions on this cycle. I have used ECA before (my own stacks with real ephedrine not ephedra), so Clen would be the only new thing for me.

I have read a lot of different dosages for the Clen and was thinking of following the 12344555555543 14 day cycle of 20mg pills, then just do a 2 week cycle of ECA 3x/day like I have before.

I have been stuck at 18-20% body fat and 140lbs (5'7") for almost 2 months now. My diet is clean, 35/45/20 - 1400cals for 3 days and 50/30/20 1800cals for one to recarb (taken from BFFM). I do 60 min of cardio 7 days per week (HIIT 70-80% MHR on low and 80-90%MHR on high using a heart rate monitor). I also weight train 4x per week (M/T Th/F).

Does anyone see any red flags that I shouldn't do this or a flaw in my program that I could correct first? My goals are fat loss and minimal muscle loss.

Thanks for any advice, I have been reading this forum for a while and I really respect the collective opinions of the board members...

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    RE: Advice/Words of wisdom, doom etc. on Clen/ECA? 2004/01/20 14:46:03 (permalink)

    No responses?

    you may want to read some topics in the Other Performance Enhancing Drugs forum
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    RE: Advice/Words of wisdom, doom etc. on Clen/ECA? 2004/01/20 17:31:02 (permalink)
    The only thing I would say I do differently is not taper off the clen - didnt see the point.

    As long as you are eating correctly then you should be okay.
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    RE: Advice/Words of wisdom, doom etc. on Clen/ECA? 2004/01/22 22:32:48 (permalink)
    imo....start at one tab of the clen a day, and increase slowly (every day or two)to judge how much you can tolerate. if you start to see hard sides like shakeing then drop down one tab and stick to it for the rest of the 2 weeks.(aslong as sides are ok) then run the eca the next 2 weeks as you feel is best for you. usually 3 times a day, 20-30mg eph, 200mg caffine,50-100mg asprin. i would not taper the clen back down, the second 2 weeks of clen you can taper up alot faster as you know how it effects you better.

    id run no longer then 8 weeks then take a good break from it. theres a good clen sticky in the other performancing drugs folder.

    i would keep an eye that you dont become overtrained, you dont have a rest day, rest is very important.
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    RE: Advice/Words of wisdom, doom etc. on Clen/ECA? 2004/01/26 20:12:45 (permalink)
    ive tried clen for 2 weeks,it made me want to eat more than i normaly do
    just did nothing for me
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