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Advise please :)

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2015/01/07 17:22:31 (permalink)

Advise please :)

Hi all,
Okay I've been blast and cruising for around 18months due to competing and just wanting to maintain a decent shape.
Anyways since I don't plan competing this year ive decided to run pct, I just wanted to see if my pct is solid.
HCG 500iu a day for 9 days piror to pct
6 days after last HCG shot ive started clomid 300mg day one then 100mg for 10 days and then I plan on running 50mg for 24days, I am having eye tracer issues but only in low light I hope dropping to 50mg will help.
I have nolva on hand I haven't used unless gyno flares up.
On top of that I am running proviron 50mg ed to keep mood up a little.  I am also using peptides GHRP-2 and CJC mod to help keep gains while test levels are tanked down.
I'm trying to keep all my mass if possible so any advise would be good. 

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    Re: Advise please :) 2015/01/08 22:19:09 (permalink)
    Why not just cruise on a trt dose until you b&c again, how likely do you think it is you will keep all your gains with no gear?  Don't get me wrong i hope you recover ok but if you don't....
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    Re: Advise please :) 2015/01/09 13:37:49 (permalink)
    i agree i would cruise on low test dose much more chance of keeping th egains
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    Re: Advise please :) 2015/01/09 22:04:45 (permalink)
    try aromasim for pct, i reads on herea while back the clomid nolva pct's are out dated and using aromasim would be a far better pct for recovery, i cant remember why but its on here somwhere.
    theres letro aswell which is strong and cheaper than aro and wouldnt need asmuch.
    think i will be running a nolva letro pct this yr.
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